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We had planned a trip to Bergen, Norway and after we had finished planning it we noticed that the Tall Ships were going to be gathering in Stavanger so we decided to take the coastal bus to Stavanger from Bergen. We arrive mid afternoon and immediately headed down to the harbor to look at the tall ships. We spent the better part of three days looking at the tall ships. The best time was early in the morning. There were very few people around and the water in the harbor was very calm.

More photos from the Tall Ships Races in Stavanger can be found on my website.

While in the states we had visited the tall ships in Duluth, Minnesota. Typically they have 8 ships. The crowds are so large that it is almost impossible to tour the ships and it costs an arm and a leg. One of the ships that visited Duluth was also at Stavanger. In Duluth it was the largest ship in Stavanger it was parked by a ship that made it look like a rowboat. The best part of Stavanger was that almost all of the ships could be visited free and there was no fee to visit the docking area. Oh did I mention there were 67 ships. The Tall Ships Races will be visiting Bergen and  Fredrikstad Norway in 2019. Both would be great places to view the ships. Thinking of going back for the 2019 race.

It was a great place for photographers. One had an 8X10 view camera.

I took a few closeups of the Figureheads on the prows of the ships. I think the last item is intended to keep the rats off of the ships.

I love taking reflections shots and there plenty of opportunities at the Tall Ships Races.

There were plenty of opportunities to listen to music during the event. A number of the ships hosted musicians and there were music venues around the harbor.


Lots of things for the kids to do during the event. Various skills required in shipbuilding were featured.

One evening we returned from a tour and it was almost dark. As we were walking back to our hotel we noticed lots of people all looking at the sky. It took us a while to figure out that they were having evening fireworks. Somehow we had overlooked this on the schedule of events.

The great thing about the event was that almost everything was free. We have been to a number of ship events in the states and they charge an arm and a leg just to look at them. Almost all of the ships could be toured free of charge. The vessel from India was very popular and the crew was always up to something. Lots of fun.


Not all of the ships were large.

Portable shower and laundry facilities were provided.

Lots of food available along the harbor.

On the final day the ships were getting ready to leave port. Early in the morning the crews were being briefed and then they started to raise the sails. Unfortunately we had a plane to catch and missed the ships sailing out of the harbor.


We initially made reservations for Bergen but when we found out that Stavanger was having a Tall Ships Festival we decided to travel from Bergen to Stavanger. There were a variety of options but looking at reviews on the internet we decided to take the Coastal Bus. It turned out to be a good decision. It was a beautiful day and the scenery was outstanding on the five hour trip.

A few shots of small towns along the coast.

The highlights of the trip were two ferry rides. We lined up to catch the first ferry.

This individual was rowing along on the water next to the ferry terminal.

Leaving the ferry dock. This was the longer of the two ferry rides. It was very convenient. The bus drove on and we were able to get out a enjoy the ferry ride. We spent most of our time walking around on the outside deck.

There were a number of fish farms along the ferry ride.

The ferry had a nice cafe with a variety of foods.

This was the second ferry.  We encountered a number of coastal express ferry’s along the way.

The bus stopped at a number of small towns along the route.

We arrived in Stavanger early in the afternoon and checked into our hotel before heading down to see the tall ships.