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Tag Archives: Spurs & Skis Skijoring Stampede

Last weekend was the Spurs & Skis Skijoring Stampede in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. The practice runs were on Friday and the actual races were on Saturday. We had planned to go to the races but when we checked the weather it was going to be 60 degrees on Saturday. We thought this would result in really poor conditions for skijoring so we decided to go up on Friday and watch the practice runs.

As you can see from the photos conditions even on Saturday were not the best. We watched some adults make the run. The horses were really moving it out.

More photos from the day can be found on my website.

Some of the younger skiers weren’t going quite so fast. In this sequence the skier was small and the horse big. The skiers was not all that confident. He would slowly ski to the top of the jump then let go of the rope and slide back down backwards.

This skier had a horse to match his skills.

We watched the practice runs for about an hour. This was one of the faster horses pulling the skiers. Unfortunately as he reached the end of the course the horse fell and landed on the rider. The rider was limping quite a bit before shaking it off. The horse returned to the starting gate where it was corralled by another rider.