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One of my favorite times of the year is the spring. I love photographing spring buds. When the trees are budding out the colors in the forest are almost as beautiful as the fall colors.


It had been over a week since my wife and I stopped at Hoffman Hills to look around. Constant rain had prevented a visit but today it was beautiful and sunny.

The ponds were really full of water. This emerging White Water Lilly was floating on the water.


The grasses were reflected in the pond.


As we approached the first pond in the wetlands area we encountered a pair of Canada Geese. They didn’t have any young but they were defending their territory. Another goose came flying in and they drove it off.




The trees and bushes were emerging from the long winter.



I was able to capture two birds that I had never photographed before. This elusive Belted Kingfisher was feeding in one of the ponds.


There was also a Northern Flicker feeding on the pond dyke.


The last time we were at Hoffman Hills there were a pair of bluebirds on this house. Tree Swallows seemed to have taken over.


There is a lot going on at Hoffman Hills these days. We have been seeing Sandhill Cranes in the Prairie area.


There are Canada Geese, Ducks and King Fishers hanging around the ponds.



We noticed a Muskrat in the first pond.


The Eastern Bluebirds have returned.


In the next couple of weeks the trees will have full color. The Birch and Maples are already budding out.


The Pussy Willows are just about done blooming.

Pussy Willows

Pussy Willows

A walk through Hoffman Hills Recreation Area gave me an opportunity to photograph some spring, blooms, buds and leaves. For most of the shots taken in the wetlands area I used my 500mm lens. This allowed me to get some close-ups while avoiding walking in the wetlands.




After photographing in the wetlands we hike up to the Tower at Hoffman Hills. I took a few shots of some backlit spring leaves, with my 300mm lens, on the way to the tower.


More spring photographs from Hoffman Hills can be found on my website.


I was wrong in my earlier post regarding the two geese in the first pond. They are no longer on the nest and are spending their time paddling around the pond.

The pussy willows are beyond the green stage for the most part. They will likely be gone by next week.

In the second pond there were quite a few frogs and turtles out. I particularly like to set under the willow tree at the south end on the pond and watch the painted turtles. There are several branches in the water and they like to sun themselves. They will hit the water when you approach but if you sit down under the tree you will see their heads start to pop up. Wait a little while and they will start working their way to the branches.

More photos of Hoffman Hills.

The views from the tower are showing quite a bit of color as the maple trees start to bud.