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This past week my wife and I drove up to Murphy Flowage  to hike the Hemlock Creek Loop on the Ice Age Trail. We were a little concerned that it might be busy but we only saw two other people. The leaves were just starting to come out on the trees.

There were a variety of flowers out along the trail. Spring Beauty, Marsh Marigolds, Large-flowered Trillium and Anemone.

The Beaver are active along the trail. It looks like they tackled some very large trees. As we neared the dam we heard a Beaver slap the water.

This is Hemlock Creek which the trail follows.



Large-flowered Bellwort

Spring Beauty

Yellow Violet

Large-flowered Trillium


Common Blue Violet


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Spring Beauty

Things haven’t changed a great deal on the Red Cedar State Trail this past week. The main change is in the large numbers of flowers along the trail. You no longer have to go looking for flowers they are everywhere.

More spring shots at my website

Spring Beauty

The trail is in good shape for biking after the DNR graded and rolled it today eliminating the ruts caused by the early bikers and hikers. I hiked from Irvington to the 6 mile marker today. I was mainly looking for wildflowers. The Skunk Cabbage is out all along the trail. Bloodroot, Spring Beauty and Anemone can be found along the trail. I also noticed a large patch of White Trout Lilies along the trail but they are a ways from blooming. Noticed a Spring Azures Butterfly along the trail. At the 6 mile mark there were 4 Bald Eagles circling  

More spring shots at my website.