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After participating in the Crazy Horse Volksmarch we decided to drive over to Mount Rushmore. We made an earlier visit about a month ago and our pass was still good so we decided to take advantage of it. We were also thinking of trying some of Thomas Jefferson’s ice cream.

On the drive over we noticed some great fall color so on the drive back toward Sylvan Lake we stopped a few places to get some photos.


I’ve driven through the Badlands many times but I’ve never taken any panoramas before so this trip I decided to take a few.

After visiting Mount Rushmore we drove over to Crazy Horse Memorial. My wife and I have gone on the Crazy Horse Volksmarch a couple of times and are considering going again this year. It looks like they are currently working on the hand. It is always interesting to see the progress although it will not be completed in my lifetime.

There were some native dancers from Arizona performing while we were there.

We were up relatively early and headed over to Mount Rushmore from our hotel in Hill City. Although we are out in the Black Hills quite frequently we spend most of our time looking for wildlife or hiking. We had a couple of Linda’s sisters along with us so we spent more time visiting traditional sites on this trip. It was cloudy when we arrived but as the morning wore on the sun came out.

We were lucky to see some Mountain Goats as we walked along the boardwalk below the carvings.

There were a few flowers in bloom at the Monument.


When we arrived in Sioux Falls it was very windy and cold so we decided to drive down to Sertoma Park and visit the Butterfly house. We were lucky that we were the only ones in the butterfly house for quite a while.








We were hoping for a little better sunrise and sunset but it is what it is and one has to make do with what is available.





Nothing could be more boring than a sunny day in the Badlands with no clouds. When we reached the Badlands there had been storms all around us but we didn’t encounter any rain. The clouds provided a spectacular backdrop for shooting the Badlands late in the afternoon. There were wind advisories out and it was difficult to photograph because I could hardly stand up.








We spent the night in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The next morning was dreary but we decided to drive down to Falls Park to get some photos of the waterfalls. It was dark enough that the lights were still on in the park.




No visit to South Dakota would be complete without some photos of Prairie Dogs. Many of them had youngsters around. On one mound we saw about a dozen Prairie Dogs. There must have been some kind of meeting taking place.

More Photos from Custer State Park can be found on my website.



Unfortunately, at one stop we saw a teenager running though the Prairie Dog town screaming. The stupidity of Americans never ceases to amaze me.
One wonders how that family would like it if some nut cast ran through their house screaming?Prairie-Dog-14-5-_4326