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After flying back from Stavanger we caught the metro out to our condo. It had been a long day and we turned on the TV to see what was happening. We noticed there were some youth football (soccer) games on from the Norway Cup. I had no idea what the Norway Cup was so I looked it up. Turns out it is the largest youth football tournament in the world. It was going to be on all week and best of all, many of the matches were taking place at Ekeberg Park, which was a short bus ride from our condo. The football players are put up in schools and hotels and they are provided access to public transportation and many points of interest.

We decided to take the bus to Ekeberg Park the next morning and find out more about the Norway Cup. We were amazed to find a portable laundry setup as well as a hair salon. We soon found out that getting around Oslo was going to be a bit different this week. The bus to Ekeberg park stopped at several schools and it was soon standing room only on the bus. A ticket inspector got on the bus but is was so crowded that he gave up trying to check tickets.

There were many activities available for the participants including concerts, games and shopping opportunities. There were also amusement rides available.

Most of the girls teams were carrying around a boom boxes with songs blaring. It was great lively music. I wished I had gotten a copy of what they were playing. There were teams from all over the world playing at the tournament. One morning we were on the bus with a team from New York.

There were first aid stations around the park and there were more than a few kids waking around on crutches.

During the tournament we encountered football players everywhere. This team was on the metro for Holmenkollen National Ski Arena. All but one were sleeping. In the second photo we encountered a team from Nepal on a ferry ride. We started talking with them and giving them tips on what to see. They proudly displayed their flag for us. We encountered another girls team on our metro line and they were singing their football songs.

On the last day of the tournament we found some little kids playing football. We attended a couple of the final championship matches. They were being televised but it was a lot more fun attending in person.

We encountered this group of kids riding their bikes around the football complex almost every time we stopped at the tournament.

It was a great to experience the energy and enthusiasm of all of the young people at the tournament.

We were once again up early. When we checked in the hotel staff suggested that we get down to breakfast early Sunday morning because it was going to be crowded.The Scandic Nidelven has a fantastic breakfast and I wanted to be first in line. My wife was a little less enthusiastic. We had eaten breakfast at the hotel once before but this was something else. I’ve never seen anything like it. Wow!!! The photos were taken the next morning and do not do the Sunday spread justice.

After breakfast we walked along the Nidelven River taking some photos. It was a very overcast day.

Near our hotel there was a bridge with an interesting sign. It counted the number of cyclists that had passed over the bridge for the day and year. In other places signs counted the number of pedestrians that had walked past. There were also signs thanking you for walking.

Our first major stop was Kristiansten Fortress. As we neared the fortress my wife spotted a building that she had worked in when she was a student in Norway. At that time it was a nursing home but we couldn’t figure out what it is now. There were some outstanding views of Trondheim from the Fortress.

On the way down from the Fortress we encountered a cat. When I went to photograph the cat I found this nice dandelion. Apparently they are everywhere.

In our wanderings we encountered this bike lift. Apparently you put your bike into this contraption and it gives you a ride to the top of the hill. We waited around to see if anyone would use it but no such luck. Later in the day we noticed someone trying to use it be either it wasn’t working or he didn’t know how to use it.

As a former librarian I couldn’t pass up a photo of the Little Free Library. We have these in the states as well but I’ve never figured out the attraction. In Menomonie we have one right outside the public library.

Walking along the Nidelven River we could see the Nidaros Cathedral in the background. Eventually we made our way to the Cathedral. On the way we passed the University Student Center where my wife spent time when she was a student.

When we reached the Cathedral church services were just getting out. The Cathedral grounds were beautiful and the tulips were in full bloom.


My wife worked at the Sverresborg Folk Museum when she was a student. Her Norwegian was good enough that folks couldn’t tell that she wasn’t Norwegian. She found the bus she used to take to work and we jumped on and rode out to the Museum. It was looking like rain so we didn’t have a lot of time to tour around.

Linda hardly recognized the Museum given all of the changes that had taken place. This was the ticket office when she work there.

Sheep and Goats were grazing at the Museum farm.

It was raining out when we finished our tour. While Linda waited at the bus stop I walked across the street and watched a soccer game. Not a very big field but the players were really skilled for their age.

We took a bus back downtown and a little later in the day the weather began to clear. With the improving weather we decided to walk down to the Bakklandet or old city center of Trondheim. It consists of narrow streets and wooden houses.

We then headed to the Wharf area along the Nidelven River. Many of the old wharves had been renovated and turned into trendy shops.

We also walked over the old bridge many times.


Those who follow this blog know that I’m primarily a nature photographer. Sometimes I stray into other areas. In the summer my wife organizes the West Wisconsin Dynamo Soccer Team and has for six years. This means that a lot of my time in the summer is spent photographing soccer matches.


Great Save

This year has been particularly hectic. The Dynamo play in the MYSA which starts it season starts in mid May and runs through mid July. The Dynamo also plays in several tournaments during the season. The WIAA apparently has a stupid rule that high school soccer players can’t play until after school is out. Since the Menomonie school system doesn’t get out until mid June the Dynamo can’t start playing games until mid June. As a result all of the May and early June games had to be rescheduled this year .


That Hurt

During a six week period this year the Dynamo pay over eighteen games which comes out to three games a week. Photographing games and processing photos takes a considerable bit out of my nature photography activities. I’m usually not free until after the first of August.



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