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Tag Archives: Singing Sand

Rocks and Ice

Looking for some exercise my wife and I decided to drive down to the south terminus of the Red Cedar Trail. We parked in the parking lot and took a footpath that goes under the bridge over the Chippewa River. We then walked west along the Chippewa River until it intersected with the Red Cedar River. I had hike this section last summer but it was my wife’s first visit. The temperature wasn’t that cold but a brisk wind and dampness made for a chilly hike.

Bald Eagle Hunting

The highlight of the walk was the large number of Bald Eagles that were fishing along the river. We probably saw over a dozen mature and immature Bald Eagles both sitting in trees and actively fishing. They kept our attention during the entire hike. I captured this eagle just as it hit the water. He went to a tree and seemed to be eating his catch but it wasn’t a very big fish. We also saw quite a few ducks. From a distance they appeared to be Common Goldeneye’s.

Frost Covered Sand

There was frost on the vegetation along the river. I found this interesting pattern of frost on the sand just below the bridge over the Chippewa River. As we walked along the shore we encountered several places where the sand was singing.