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On day 5 we decided to visit the Tsukiji Outer Market. When we arrived we had trouble finding the market because our Google Maps didn’t seem to be working. We finally stopped at a police station and asked for directions. As it turned the market was just down the street from where we got off of the subway. we finally spotted it on a corner.

More photos from the day can can be found on my website.

We arrived about 8:30am and wandered around the market for an hour and a half. Unfortunately we ate a big breakfast before we arrived at the market. We won’t make that mistake again since there was a lot to eat. At the state fairs in the Midwest you can find almost everything on a stick. The Outer Market was very similar in that respect. One can find eggs, fruit, beef, vegetables and eel on a stick. The egg omelet on a stick was the most interesting item for me.



We saw this statue out in front of several stores and assumed it was a chain something like Big Boy in the Midwest.

There was all sorts of seafood available but as mid westerners we are not too adventuresome in our eating habits.

My wife wanted to try something so she tried these.

As we were walking away from the Market we noticed a big building behind some other buildings so we walked over to find out what it was. Turns out it was the Tsukiji Hongwanji Temple.The temple was open and we were able to go in and take a few photos. It appeared that there was going to be a service performed.

The site also houses the Mausoleum for the Ashes of Japanese Deceased in Taiwan. Their story is described below. There are also several other memorials in the same area.

We then decided to take the subway over to the Sensō-ji Buddhist temple complex in Asakusa. These are a few street scenes from the walk over to Sensō-ji.

We walked around the temple complex. There were quite a few people around even on a weekday.

There are quite a few pagodas and statues in the area. The red bibs and hats are to ward off evil.

There were quite a few people dressed in native costumes. They were likely rented since there were a number of costume rental stores in the area.

After touring around the temple area we walked over to the mall and found a McDonalds where we had coffee and ice cream. Portions are considerably smaller than in the U.S. On the other hand you don’t see many obese people walking around.

After lunch we decided to take the subway to Rikugien Gardens. We found it with ease but the gate we approached was locked so we had to walk all of the way around the park to find an entrance that was open. This was something that we encountered several times. Apparently all of the entrances are only open on a special days. The wait was worth it.  Rikugien Gardens is a relatively small but very beautiful park. It was midday  and there was some nice light. It is easy to forget that all of the parks in Tokyo are in the middle of a huge metropolis.

There were some nice backlit leave photos in the park.

It had been a long day so we headed back to our hotel.