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After a brief stop at Stoney Point we continued our drive up the North Shore for a brief stop in Two Harbors. We always drive out to the Harbor area to check things out. The sea fog was also hanging around Two Harbors.


The Presque Isle was at the docks loading iron ore pellets. This would be one of the last ships in the harbor until the 2017 shipping season starts in March.


Before leaving I took a shot of the lighthouse.



When we woke up it was bitterly cold out and Lake Superior was covered in sea fog. This is a phenomenon that occurs when the water is warm and the air is very cold. There have been some spectacular photos of the Duluth Harbor area with walls of sea fog out in the lake. We decided it was too cold out to go cross country skiing so we decided to drive up the North Shore and check out ice conditions. Our first stop was Stoney Point where I captured a few photos of the sea fog out in the Lake.

More photos from Stoney Point can be found on my website.