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It is with a great deal of sadness that we say farewell to Scooter. He has been a member of our family for 15 years ever since he was found as a malnourished stray kitten. He turned up at a picnic at a neighbor’s home and he followed us home after the picnic. Our son fell in love with him and we ended up adopting him. After several visits to the vet and all kinds of shots and medicine he regained his health and has been part of the family ever since.


He loved being outside chasing mice, deer, foxes, turkeys or whatever else was around. In his younger days he enjoyed going for long walks in the woods with us following us around like a dog.


For most of the years he slept outside in a special house we made for him. However, in the last few years he became an inside cat in the winter. Still he would wake every morning and run to the back door to go outside regardless of how cold it was out.


He developed severe arthritis as a young cat. The vet said she had never seen such bad arthritis and she didn’t know how he could even walk. He was able to get around just fine and when our son would come home from school he would love to chase him around the house even at 14 years old.


The last few years he came to love the sun. When he woke up he would lay down in front of the register in the kitchen until the sun came up. I think it helped his arthritis. On those days when the sun came out he would follow the sun around the house sleeping in various locations during the day.


This fall he became ill and seemed to recover with a change in diet but several weeks ago the vet said he had cancer. We nursed him alongĀ  but finally had to put him down yesterday.


Fortunately I knew the days was coming and had prepared a grave for him under an apple tree out in the prairie. Scooter was preceded in death by Tiger on January 2, 2010.

My name is Scooter and I’m 14 years old and unlike my owners I hate winter. I was found as a malnourished stray kitten by Linda, Phil and Justin. They were at a picnic at a neighbors when I turned up. When they left I followed them home. They took me to the vet and I got all kinds of shots and medicine. I have been with them ever since.

I love being outside chasing mice, deer, foxes, turkeys or whatever else is around. Every morning I wake up and run to the back door to go outside. I love to curl up on the front porch in the sun and sleep but every morning I go out and it is really cold so I come right back into the house.

I have severe arthritis. About 10 years ago the vet said she had never seen such bad arthritis and she didn’t know how I could even get around. I get around just fine and when Justin comes home from school I love to chase him around the house. The sun really helps my arthritis. In the morning I start following the sun around the house. I usually start on the steps to the upstairs and then move to wherever I can find it. I love the sun! Scooter-14-1-_2287

I am really bored during the winter so one of the things I like to do really irritates my owners. When I wake up I like to get a nice drink of water. I walk around to all of the bathrooms to see if anyone has left the toilet seat up. There is nothing like a good drink of toilet water to get the day started. Did I mention that I love the sun?Scooter-14-1-_2289

I also like to run up the stairs in the morning and get Linda out of bed. When Phil lets me out of the basement and I can’t find Linda I race up the stairs and jump on the bed and start pestering her until she gets up. The other day I found the toilet seat up and then jumped on the bed and she was not too happy when she realized I was all wet. I really love the sun.Scooter-14-2-_1204

I also love to search for food in the house. This is probably because I was starved as a kitten but I also have a sensitive stomach so they only feed me a specialized boring diet. Anytime I hear someone in the kitchen I head for the kitchen on the oft chance that something might fall on the floor. Nothing like sleeping in the sun after searching for food.Scooter-14-1-_2177

I also like to check out the garbage under the sink. A long time ago I learned to open the cabinet door so I could get into the garbage. They put a lock on the cabinet but that doesn’t prevent me from trying to open the door 10 -15 times a day. Every so often they forget and I’m able to find a snack in the garbage. After a snack I head for the sun.Scooter-14-1-_2293

They finally moved the garbage to the laundry room hoping I would stop opening the kitchen cabinet. I still check the cabinet out frequently during the day just in case. I also check out the laundry room during the day because Phil frequently forgets to shut the door making it easy to get to the garbage. Searching for food is hard work so I stop to rest in the sun.Scooter-14-1-_2173

I’m also a bit clingy. This is probably because I was abandoned as a kitten. Anytime someone sits down I love to get in their lap. They don’t mind me being in their lap but I really like to get my paw right up to their face and look them right in the eye. The only way I’ll move is if I see some sun.Scooter-14-1-_2180

Fortunately winter is just about over. There have been only a few days this winter that it has been warm enough to go outside but a couple of days ago I was out all afternoon.

Looking forward to spring – Scooter