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Tag Archives: Ruffed Grouse

Things haven’t changed much. White-tailed Deer are the most frequent visitors to my trail cam. The seem to be so curious and are constantly hanging around in front of the camera. Maybe they consider it a selfie camera.



The second most frequent visitors recently have been Raccoons.

A first time visitor to my camera was this . Apparently it is sticking around because several weeks after this picture was taken I saw it again in the same area. I was cutting brush when it landed nearby. A short time later it walked out into an open area and was soon followed by a male  who was dancing.



After a brief stop at home we embarked on what turned out to be our last fall color trip. Our first stop was the Blue Hills just east of Rice Lake, Wisconsin. We were a little late for the peak color but there were still some nice color in some areas. We did notice that most of the lakes in the area were very high with some of the docks under water.

These were a couple of shots as we reached the outskirts of the Blue  Hills. We encountered the horseback rider of one of the back roads.

These are some shots in the Aldie Lake area.

This is the first time we encountered Bald Eagles on our fall trips through the area. In all we must have seen about a dozen Bald Eagles.

We also encountered a Ruffed Grouse along the road. It posed for some photos before flying off.