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It was below zero last week when my wife and I drove over to Red Wing, Minnesota. During the winter months Bald Eagles and Bald Eagle watchers gather in Covill Park. On this particular day there were probably 50 or 60 of them sitting in the trees. Unfortunately there was not a lot of activity. A couple of them were looking for fish but without much luck. At one point a train came by and sounded its horn. That got about 20 of them to take off all at once. Of course that was when I was sitting in the car trying to keep warm.


The weather was nice so we decided to take another road trip along the Mississippi River looking for birds. The main goal was to find Bald Eagles but Trumpeter Swans and ducks were also fair game. Our first stop was Wabasha but we didn’t see any. We can usually find them in the trees on the east side of the river but there wasn’t a single bird.

Our next stop was Reads Landing. We spotted six Bald Eagles all flying. On pair was performing  synchronized acrobatics. We watched them for quite a while. Unfortunately they were too far away for photographs. This is the first time we haven’t seen any Trumpeter Swans in the area. This is a photo from last year.


We headed for Red Wing and Colvill Park. Unfortunately we only found a single eagle sitting in a tree. He looked a little disheveled.


So far things hadn’t gone all that well so we decided to drive up to Miesville, Minnesota and try and find Kings Bar and Grill. A friend said they had great burgers. It would have made things easier if I remembered the name of the town or the name of the restaurant. All I could remember was that the name of the town started with M and the restaurant might be Kings and it was on highway 61 north of Red Wing .

Fortunately we found the place. It was mid afternoon on a Sunday and the place was packed. Luckily we found a table. The service was fast but it took a while to decide on a burger because there were so many choices. Once we ordered we had our meal in a short time. The burgers were great making up for a lousy day of bird watching. Would highly recommend Kings Bar and Grill. We have added it to our places to stop when we are in the area.

My wife and I drove down to Red Wing earlier this week. For several days the temperatures never reached above -10 and we were getting cabin fever. When the temperature reached 0 we were out of the house. Actually the temperature rose to 24 during the day so it seemed like we were in Florida. The wind was blowing in the afternoon so it was still cool but not as bad as the -35 wind chills that we had the previous days.

We had lunch at Libertys Restaurant & Lounge in Red Wing. They had a great salad bar with soup, sandwiches, pizza and salad. It was more food than we could eat and it was just what we were looking for. Red Wing is definitely a place we want to return to and explore when the weather gets warmer.

We drove over to Colvill Park, which is just south of town off of highway 61. As soon as we drove into the park we started to see Bald Eagles in the trees. I jumped out of the car and tried to photograph one in a tree just ahead of the car. It started to fly just as I took the photo.Bald-Eagle-14-1-_1996

We counted 8 in one tree. I was able to get close to one and get a nice photograph. There were a bunch of other photographers and some walkers around so as soon as an eagle would land they all headed for it. Needless to say the Eagles didn’t stay around long.Bald-Eagle-14-1-_2061a

There were also a variety of ducks around that provided entertainment between photographing Eagles.Mallard-Ducks-14-1-_2036