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Just about every fall my wife and I travel to the U.P. of Michigan to seek out the beautiful fall colors. Here are some of my favorite locations. More fall photos from the U.P. can be found on my website.

Au Train Falls

Black River Harbor

Bonanza Falls

Bond Falls

Copper Peak International Ski Flying Hill

Hiawatha National Forest

Laughing Whitefish Falls

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park

Seney National Wildlife Refuge

After photographing Chapel Falls we walked back to the car before hiking to Mosquito Falls. I knew from experience that the trail was going to be muddy. We put on our muck boots and it was a good thing we did because we were ankle deep in mud on sections of the trail. The leaves on the moss made for some nice photos.

The  Mosquito Falls trail was a lot of ups and downs and we were dragging by the time we reached the falls.

I noticed these backlit beech leaves which made a nice shot with the dark background.

It wasn’t the best time to photograph the falls because of the high dynamic range with the sun out. Still it was a beautiful setting and I did mange a few shots of the many falls along this section of the river.

When I encounter difficult shooting conditions I like to concentrate on taking intimate photos of the subject. In this case small parts of the waterfall.

The morning after our outstanding boat cruise along the Pictured Rock Lakeshore we drove down to the Chapel Beach Trailhead. The goal was to hike down to Chapel Falls. It was another beautiful day for a hike. As it turned out we timed things just right. A couple of days after we left Pictured Rocks it rained for a week.

Some really twisted tree roots near Chapel Falls.

It is a little difficult to get a great view of Chapel Falls. This is a shot from above the falls.

A shot looking back up Chapel Creek from where the previous shot was taken.

A shot of a small falls just above the main falls.

After hiking from Miners Beach to Mosquito Beach  and back we decided to drive into town and see if we could get tickets to the sunset tour of Pictured Rocks. This is the best time to view the Pictured Rocks coastline because the late afternoon sun brigs out the vibrant colors on the rocks. We had a couple of choices. A ride in a smaller boat that went out as far as Chapel Beach or a ride in a larger boat that went out to Spray Falls. We took the latter. It was a great trip on a beautiful day. The fall colors along the shore were not yet at their peak but strong winds had bringing down the leaves. Two days before our trip there had been a storm come through causing 18 foot waves along the coast.

The first stop is the East Channel Lighthouse on Grand Island.

Bridal Falls is the first thing you see on the tour along Pictured Rocks. Normally this time of year it would not be flowing but heavy rains had most of the streams running with lots of water.

Miners Castle. This is where we took some great sunset photos the evening before the boat tour.

The colored rocks are what the Lakeshore is named after.

This shows one of the trails down to Mosquito Beach. We spent a wild day out on the rocks in the foreground one day when the waves were really pounding the shoreline.

Indian Head Point with the evening light shining directly onto it.

Chapel Rock consists of a small pillar with a tree growing on top. The tree roots extend over a void to land.

Spray Falls with lots of water flowing. We were starting to loose the direct sunlight at this point.

The ride back was spectacular as sunset approached.



When we arrived at Mosquito Beach there was not much of a beach remaining but there were some nice rocks.

I love taking picture of water patterns along the beach.

Rocks and other things I find on the beach are also fun to photograph.

After driving around Hiawatha National Forest we decided to drive over to Miners Beach and hike the Lakeshore Trail to Mosquito Beach. We had tried hiking this trail once before but discovered that the Stable Flies were out in force. They didn’t bite but we were covered with them so we turned back. This time there were no flies just a friendly squirrel.

It was a beautiful day for a walk along the lakeshore. We encountered these reflections on a small stream along the trail.

The fall colors were generally green although on a few of the viewpoints we could see some nice color.

After leaving Mosquito Beach it was a long hike back to the car. The only thing to break it up was a series of waterfalls along the Mosquito River.






More photos from Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore can be found on my website.

Still going through my fall photos. I know it is sad but fall is when I’m out the most and I have a lot of photos to go through. when we were at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore this fall the surf was really up. We drove out to Miners Beach to watch the surf. It was really windy with a dark overcast to the sky with a few patches of sun coming through the clouds. We decided to walk along the trail above the beach the take the trail up to Miners Castle. There was some great color and dramatic color along the way.






More photos from Pictured Rocks can be found on my website.

Typically when we drive over to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore we have an early dinner then drive out to Miners Beach for some sunset photos. We continued this tradition again on this trip. When we arrived at Miners Beach we could hear the roar of the waves hitting the beach. There were also quite a few cars in the parking lot. This is a popular spot during the fall photography season.Miners-Beach-14-10-_2179

When we walked out to the beach we were surprised to find that there wasn’t much of a beach. All of the photographers were huddled into a small area above the beach. My wife counted thirteen photographers and a few other folks vying for space.Miners-Beach-14-10-_2165

Given all of the photographers around we decided to drive over to Castle Rock and check out the waves and evening light. Before going I took one last photo of what looked to be a nice sunset.Miners-Beach-14-10-_2216