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It was about lunch time when we left Judge C. R. Magney State Park so we decided to drive over to Naniboujou Club Lodge and see if they were serving lunch. They weren’t but they were just about to start so we wandered around taking photos of the place. It was built in the 1920’s as an ultra exclusive private club with¬† Babe Ruth, Jack Dempsey and Ring Lardner among its charter members. A membership of 1000 was originally sought, but when the stock market crashed on “Black Tuesday” precipitating¬† the 1929 depression, the club began to fail. In the mid 1930’s the club reached a state of financial shambles. The mortgage was foreclosed, and it was sold. It is an amazing place and we vowed to come back and stay on our next trip to the area.

I was contacted last fall asking if I would donate some photos of Bentleyville for a souvenir book they were producing. I agreed and now the book is available at Bentleyville. In all I have over a dozen photos in the book including the cover photo.Bentleyville Tour of Lights 14-12-_0009

If you are in Duluth, Minnesota during the holiday season be sure to stop at the Bentleyville Tour of Lights. Here are a few of the photos that were included in the book.





More photos from Bentleyville can be found on my website.