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We took a late train from Nagasaki to Hiroshima and this time we had reserved seats. Our Airbnb was some distance from the train station but we still had enough light to figure out where we were going. By the time we reached the Airbnb it was dark. Although we found the place it would have been a lot easier if we arrived before dark.

The next morning we walked down to Peace Memorial Park. It was a holiday in Japan so there were a lot of people around.

Memorial Cenotaph

Memorial Cenotaph

A bomb dome

A bomb dome

After walking around the park we noticed Oktoberfest was underway so we stopped. It was a short visit after we found out beer was going for $15 a serving.



The following day we took the train and then a ferry to the island of Miyajima. On the train we met a woman in her 80 who was traveling alone and doing just fine. I thought that was remarkable but then I realized I’m just about 80 myself.


O-torii was our first stop on the island. The tide was out so we were able to walk right up to it. Hard to get pictures in Japan because there are just too many people everywhere.


We decided to take the tram up Mt. Misen rather than walk because it was so hot and humid. I have problems hiking in hot weather. Still it was quite a hike to the top of the mountain from the tram station. When I was ready to leave I told Justin that I was going to start down because I was the slowest one. Apparently it went in one ear and out the other because he and Linda spent some time looking for me at the top. They thought I might have fallen off the rocks.

Mt. Misen Miyajima 15-9-_2879

By the time we were down from the mountain the tide was coming in and O-torii was surrounded by water.


The following day it was raining so we purchased a pass on a tourist bus that runs around the city. Our first stop was the Peace Memorial Park. We toured the museum. Another rather sobering experience. Unfortunately part of it was closed for renovation they are upgrading the experience to use modern technology. Apparently the holidays were over and there were a lot of school children at the park. One of their assignments was to ask people where they were from. As usual the girls were doing the assignment and the boys were fooling around.


After the peace park we walked around the shopping district to stay out of the rain. When the rain stopped we caught the tourist bus to the main train station and walked to Hiroshima Toshogu Shrine and then hiked the Steps leading to Mt. Futaba Peace Pagoda.


Steps leading to Mt. Futaba Peace Pagoda Hiroshima Japan 15-9-_2721

There were some nice views of Hiroshima from the top of Mt. Futaba.

Hiroshima from Mt. Futaba 15-9-_2731

This was a large cemetery on the slopes of Mt. Futaba.Cemetery-on-Mt.-Futaba-Hiroshima-Japan-15-9-_2749

We then caught the train back to our Airbnb for our last night in Hiroshima.