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I’ve been walking on the Red Cedar Trail the past few weeks. There is not a lot to photograph right now. Most of the summer flowers are gone so I’m waiting for the fall colors.

A few sunflowers are still around although most of them are looking a little straggly.

Most of the Touch-me nots are now gone.


I found this bindweed growing along the trail.

I liked the pattern on the top of this fence post.

The Touch-me-nots have been out along the Red Cedar State Trail. The insects seem to be enjoying them.

A variety of flowers are blooming along the Red Cedar State Trail. The most common flowers are the Touch-me-nots which are blooming all along the trail.

Pale Touch-me-not





Blue Verian

Blooming Grass

The last time I was down at the Red Cedar Trail I couldn’t find many Pale Touch-me-nots. On a recent trip I found a lot of them blooming along the trail.





I’ve been hiking on the first 5 miles of the Red Cedar State Trail this past week. I managed to see some mink, a doe and two fawns as well as an Osprey. There continue to be a large number of flowers on the trail.

There are more photos on my website.

The most common flowers now are the  Touch-me-nots both Pale and Spotted. This is a Pale Touch-me-not taken near Irvington.

Another flower that is showing up along the trail is the Wild Cucumber. You will see vines along the trail with white flowers. These are in large groupings so they are hard to miss.

Wild Cucumber

A flower that I’ve photographed many times on the trail but could never figure out its name is also blooming. This year I finally figured out what it was when I found a photo of it when I was looking for another flower. This is the Groundnut which can be found all along the trail although it is a little more difficult to see amongst the vines.