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It had been a hot summer in Oslo and we were looking for someplace cooler to visit and after looking at the weather, decided that Bergen and Stavanger might be  good candidates.  We initially decided that Bergen would be a good place to visit and made hotel accommodations. We were going to take the train then started looking at the Norway in A nutshell tour which call for a train trip from Oslo to Myrdal, another train from Myrdal to Flam, a ferry from Flam to Gudvangen, a bus from Gudvangen to Voss and another train from Voss to Bergen. We didn’t take the tour package but my wife, who likes to plan trips, duplicated the tour.

More photos from the Norway in a Nutshell trip can be found on my website.

We were at Oslo Central Station early to catch the train from Oslo to Myrdal. We we arrived we found out that the train was delayed. It turned out to be 45 minutes late. Fortunately it was able to make up most of the time during the trip. This is me waiting for the train.

The first section of the trip was through relatively flat farm land and small towns. One of the unfortunate facts of public transportation is you can’t pick your traveling companions. One of the folks in our car had a loud grating voice. It wouldn’t have been so bad but he was full of himself and didn’t stop talking until he exited the train in the mountains. The folks around him were rolling their eyes.

We gradually started getting into the mountains. The scenery was spectacular.

Trees finally gave way to rocks as we entered the mountains.

We finally reached Myrdal and had made up most of the time from the delay in Oslo. We quickly changed trains and grabbed a seat on the train to Myrdal. It was a beautiful trip down the mountains to Flam. About 20 years ago we had hiked down the valley from Myrdal to Flam. It was a beautiful hiking trip.

We exited the Flam Railway and started looking for the ferry which would take us from Flam to Gudvangen on the Nærøyfjord.

We found the ferry without any problem. It was dwarfed by the large cruise ships in the harbor. There were some small kids on the ferry and they were tearing around the first part of the trip. It wasn’t long before they were tired and were sleeping.

We passed many small villages on the trip down the Fjord. I assumed these could only be reached by boat.

The day was overcast but the scenery was still spectacular.

It started to rain as the ferry pulled into Gudvangen. We switched from the ferry to one of many buses that waited at the ferry terminal. The buses had to travel down this narrow winding road to get to Voss.

When we arrived in Voss this person was directing people to the train station. There was construction at the station and the buses had to park outside the construction zone. We had some time before our scheduled train departed so we grabbed a bite to eat at the station. We discovered that our train would not arrive but that we could hop on another train that was going to Bergen.

We had only gone a few stops before an announcement came that due to an electrical failure the train could not continue on to Bergen. At this point we were in a very small station. There was a small waiting room with bathrooms. Finally the train staff announced that buses would be called to pick us up and take us to Bergen. It was raining fairly good at this point so we got back on the train out of the rain. Finally some buses came so we got off the train. Just after we got off the train left the station and went back to Voss. Somehow we missed the announcement but fortunately we got off in time. We finally caught the last bus to Bergen.

We finally made it to Central Station in Bergen late in the evening. It turned out to be a 12 hour day.


After taking time out for some fall photography I’m back working on my blog from our seven week trip to Norway and Sweden. In my last post from the trip we had visited Fredrikstad, Norway. We were now on our way from Oslo to Stockholm. Our high speed train left Oslo Station at Noon. High speed is a relative term. In Japan it would probably be considered a slow speed train but it did reach 200km a few times. The trip was relatively uneventful. Our car was supposed to be a quite car but a kid was playing a video game until someone asked him to put his head phones on. Another person was listening to something on their phone.

At one point a group of French kids boarded the train. Apparently they did not have tickets and this was a ticket only train. As it turned out the train wasn’t even going where they wanted to go. Someone had told them to get on this train. The had to get off at the next stop.

More photos from our Stockholm visit can be found on my website.

This is a shot of Stockholm Central Station. We had been in Stockholm the previous summer and found there was so much to do we decided to come back for three days.

After leaving Central station we were a little lost because the roads were all under construction. This is Drottninggatan which is a walking street that the Queen’s Hotel was on.

After checking in to our hotel we headed back down Drottninggatan street looking for Gamla Stan or the Old Town. It was a beautiful evening for a walk with hardly a cloud in the sky.

The Af Chapman Youth Hostel was anchored across the water. We could also see the Grand Hotel and the National Museum.

We walked around Old Town for a while before stopping at St George and the Dragon statue

As we walked back toward our hotel we saw the Opera House along the canal.

It had been a long day and we were looking for something quick to eat. As we were wandering around we noticed a McDonald’s so we decided that would be good enough. When we entered we noticed lots electronic ordering kiosks. We had noticed them in Sweden the year before but had never encountered one in the U.S. We decided to go to the counter and order but were told we couldn’t order at the counter. Not sure why but it was later in the evening and they didn’t seem to have a lot of staff. We went back to the Kiosk and tried to order. We thought their menu seemed a bit limited (turns out we didn’t realize we had to swipe through the screens) but we did manage to order something. We tried to order with a credit card but it wouldn’t accept the credit card because our credit cards required a signature. We had to back track and select pay at the counter. We saw our number come up on the screen above the counter then it disappeared, then it came up again then dissapeared. We waited. That’s my wife in in the lower left of the second photo. Finally I went up to the counter to find out what was going on. Turns out if you want to pay at the counter you have to go up and pay when your number displays on the right side of the screen. Then you have to wait again until it moves to the left side of the screen and then go pick the order up. There seemed to be quite a few others that were confused as well.

When we came back to the states later in the summer we started to see ordering kiosks in quite a few McDonald’s. We have since started to use them so we don’t get left behind as new technology comes out.

We seem to have a habit of visiting the local IKEA when we travel to foreign countries. One day we decided to see if we could figure out how to get to the Oslo IKEA. After a breakfast featuring the Blueberries we picked the day before. It took us a while to find IKEA. We had to change trains and ended up at a stop some distance from IKEA. Our Google navigation wasn’t working well. For some reason we frequently had problems with it in Oslo. We were heading in the wrong direction when I noticed a large blue building down the hill. Turns out it was IKEA.

Strawberries were in season but we decided not to purchase any because we didn’t know where we would end up during the day.

Linda attempting to sign into IKEA to see if she could get a free coffee. She’s a member in the U.S.. Unfortunately it didn’t work.

A shot of a sample apartment layout. It was about the size of our son’s apartment in Tokyo.

Even though we couldn’t get free coffee we did stop for a bite to eat.


When we came out we noticed an IKEA bus parked on the parking lot and went over to check it out. Turns out IKEA runs a free shuttle bus from downtown Oslo to IKEA. We decided to take it back downtown so we could find out where to catch it if we wanted to get back out to IKEA.


We also noticed a number of charging stations at the bus stop. Norwegians are big on electric cars.


Waiting for the bus to head back to downtown Oslo.

We found this sign in a downtown shopping complex next to Central Station. You have to call a number to get into the ladies bathroom. The door will open for five seconds and you will be charged.

We headed over to McDonald’s for some ice cream and coffee before heading back to the condo.

Our last stop in Lillehammer was to Olympic Park where the 1994 Winter Olympic Games were held. While at Maihaugen we also visited the Olympic Museum Where we saw this quote from Jesse Owens.

It was a warm day and it took us a while to figure out how to get from Maihaugen to the Olympic Park. As we approached the park along the river we noticed lots of swimmers enjoying the warm weather.

The ski jumps were very impressive.

This is a shot of what is now student housing but was housing for the Olympic participants during the games.

The main facility and a soccer complex.

After visiting the Olympic site we headed back to the train station and caught the train back to Oslo. These are some of the sights along the way.

My wife catching up on the news while enjoying a free coffee on the train.


Heading into Oslo Station from the train tracks.


After a long day we waked down to Peppes Pizza to enjoy a pizza and a cold one. Things are a bit expensive in Oslo. A medium pizza and two bears cost over $50.

It seems we were up early almost every day and today was no exception. We had to catch an early train to Røros, Norway. We were actually going to Trondheim but we made a three hour stop in Røros. to look around this historic mining town. My wife at the train station.

The train passed lakes and farmland. The morning started out sunny but quickly became overcast and rainy.

We spent about three hours wandering around Røros. The town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was founded in 1664 and is one of the best preserved mining towns in Norway. It is noted for its many wooden structures.


The existence of the town was dependent upon the mining and smelter but mining is never attractive. We spent quite a bit of time looking around the mining operation.

A classic shot of the Hyttklokka with the Røros church in the background. The Hyttklokka was used to call the miners.

The Røros church is one of the most prominent landmarks in Røros. It was built in 1784 by the Røros Copper Works. It has 1600 seats within. Unfortunately it was closed when we visited.


Of course we had to stop at the Kaffestuga, the oldest in Røros, for some Norwegian waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. One of the first things my wife did upon returning to the states was to purchase a Norwegian waffle maker.

No visit to Røros is complete without a visit to the Røros Museum. It is well worth the time and money with some great operating displays showing how mining took place throughout history.

It was late in the day and raining when we arrived Trondheim.

We had to be at the train station early in the morning to catch the train from Stockholm to Oslo so we decided to grab breakfast at the train station. While we were waiting for the train someone came up and started talking to me. He looked and sounded like William H. Macy from the movie Fargo. Turns out it wasn’t Macy it was an American from Maple, Wisconsin (of Scandinavian heritage). He and his wife were traveling around Scandinavia and they had just arrived from Finland. This is me waiting for the train.

We arrived at the Oslo Central Station early in the morning and had made arrangements to get into our Airbnb so we could drop off our packs before taking a walking tour of Oslo. We were to pick up the key at a fitness center near the Airbnb but when we arrived they didn’t know anything about a key. We called the host and it turned out he was sick and still at the apartment complex and would come down to let us in.


We familiarized  ourselves with the Airbnb and before heading out on our walking tour. One thing we have found in our travels is that female Airbnb hosts are much more organized than their male counterparts. We encountered this large flower market. It was early spring and they were selling plants.

We wandered around a bit before ending up at Karl Johan’s Gate the major walking street in Oslo. As we walked down Karl Johan’s Gate we could see the palace in the distance.

We found this interesting display in front of a store.

We stopped in a park next to the Parliament Building.

From the same location we photographed the famous Grand Hotel where President Obama and stood on the balcony and waved to the crowd when he was here to receive the Nobel prize.

We walked around the National Theatre  before heading over to the Royal Palace. The flag was flying indicating that the king was home.

There were some beautiful flowers on the Palace grounds as well as this interesting sculpture that serves as a seat and has a living display incorporated into it.

We passed this office building that has an interesting facade. Note also the number of rental bikes in front of it. We did not see nearly as many bikes in Oslo as we had seen in the Copenhagen and Stockholm.


We then headed over to Our Savior’s Cemetery where many important Norwegian literary and political figures are buried. Just before entering the Cemetery we took this photo of the Oslo Cathedral School.

Although it was an overcast day it was a beautiful spring day to walk through the Cemetery. Quite a few other people had the same idea.

On our way over to Old Aker Church we noticed a number of charging stations for electric cars. Our Scandinavian relatives all complained about the fact that they were working hard to combat global warming and the idiot we have in the white house is doing everything he can to promote it. Unfortunately the United States is no longer respected in Europe.

We walked around Old Aker Church and the attached cemetery. There are some great views of Oslo from the cemetery.

Telthusbakken is a picturesque street near the Old Aker Church. The homes are from the 1700s.

A short walk from Telthusbakken street is the river walk along the  Aker River. We followed it down until we reached our Airbnb which was not far from the river. It had been a long day so we stocked up on groceries and called it a day.