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The next morning we were up early for a great Scandinavian breakfast before heading out. Since we were only going to be in Copenhagen for a day so we decided to sign up for the Hop-on Hop-off Red Bus Tours. We managed to catch the first red line tour of the day. We didn’t get off anyplace we were just interested in getting the lay of the land. After the tour we stopped at the visitors center again (restroom break) and then decided to catch the next bus on the red line. Turns out there are more red buses than we realized and we tried to get on the Grey Line Red Bus tour. We waited for a while and saw another red bus and hopped on it. We hadn’t gone far before we realized we were on a different tour. We decided to stick it out and ended up touring another section of Copenhagen. When we came back into town we exited the bus and walked along the waterfront.

There was a lot of construction taking place along the waterfront.

Black Diamond Library

We walked along the waterfront until we found where our waterfront tour would start. As part of our Hop-on Hop-off tour we were allowed one water tour of Copenhagen.

There were a variety of housing units along the waterfront. These are some of the conventional housing units.

There were also a number of Squatters Houseboats along the waterfront.

It was the weekend and there was a lot of activity at the  Copenhagen Street Food Warehousen. We were dressed in our down jackets but the locals were going to be out enjoying the spring weather regardless of the temperature.

Our trip took us past the Royal Danish Naval Museum.

As we sailed past the training ship SJOKURS the cadets were out on parade.

We were also fortunate enough to see the Royal Yacht Dannebrog sailing toward the dock.

Copenhagen is all about the water. There were houseboats and boats everywhere.

Fortunately the tour boats were designed to fit under the historic bridges.

After the boat tour we boarded the Red Bus and rode out to Gefion Fountain where we got off.

From Gefion Fountain we walked past St Alban’s Church on our way over to Kastellet. We also encountered a pair of Mute Swans with their young.

The Kastellet was a popular place. It was a beautiful day and I was fortunate to capture a couple of birds in the park.

Eurasian Magpie


No visit to Copenhagen would be complete without a stop to see the Little Mermaid. We had sailed past it earlier in the day.

We then hopped a bus over to the Botanical Gardens. As I noted earlier it was a beautiful day and folks were out enjoying the Gardens.

I was able to capture a Jackdaw on the walk through the Gardens.

At this point we decided that everything we wanted to see was within walking distance so we started walking toward Nyhavn. This place was jumping on the weekend.

As we walked through Nyhavn we encountered the relatively new Inderhavnsbroen cycling and pedestrian bridge.

We then walked back along the waterfront where we encountered this interesting grouping of cargo containers. I think these were used for offices.

We eventually ran into the Stroeget Walking Street and took it back toward Tivoli Gardens. It was sure great to find cities that appreciate the value of walking streets. We tried to get Duluth to adopt the idea but all of the local business folks were fixated on protecting their street parking spots even though there was plenty of unused parking spots in the ramps. The Duluth business community apparently doesn’t get out much and they still are thinking cities function like they did 50 years ago.

No visit to Copenhagen would be complete without a visit to Tivili Gardens. After grabbing a bite to eat we walked back to our hotel after a very long day.