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Mole Tracks

Last spring I posted a blog regarding my problems with moles. After spending days cleaning up the mess left by the moles I declared war on them. Over the years I’ve used plunger traps to try and get them although I didn’t find them particularly effective. The traps would spring but I never found any moles. In addition they were difficult to set in my heavy clay soil. My most successful tactic was to watch from the second story of the house and when I saw the ground moving run down and get them with the pitch fork. This is a shot showing the yard last spring after the snow melted.

When the moles returned early in the spring I put out some plunger traps. The moles sprung the traps but the moles kept on digging. I made a trip to my local Fleet Farm to see what other options I had. I decided to try the Motomco Mole Killer Grub partly because the main food in my yard seemed to be grubs. I can always tell when the moles were going to start showing up because there would be evidence that the skunks had been wandering the yard digging up the grubs. I used a slightly different approach than recommended on the bait box. I used a shovel to dig a plug out of the mole track. I then poked around the hole until I found where the mole tunnel was located. I cleared it out then placed a grub back into the tunnel. I then returned the plug. Within a few days the moles were gone. I repeated this step several more times as moles attacked the yard with the same success. As of this writing this is the first fall I can remember that I haven’t seen a single mole track. I’ve tried other baits over the years but this is the first one that I found that really worked.