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As I noted in an earlier blog, this has been a great year for Monarch Caterpillars. At the end of August I was tracking six caterpillars at several locations in my prairie. On September first they all disappeared. I tried finding them in the surrounding weeds but didn’t have any luck. Within the next several weeks there should be a large number of Monarch Butterflies turning up in the Prairie.




This has been an excellent year for photographing Monarch Caterpillars. It has been quite a few years since I have been able to find so many of them. This is the batch of Monarchs that will be starting their migration to Mexico in a few weeks.


What is interesting to me is that I found most of these on Milkweed plants that had been mowed down earlier in the summer so these were sort of a second generation plant. I suspect they were newer and much tastier than the older plants.


A few years ago I found a similar situation. I had a large number of Milkweed plants in my garden. When I decided to eradicate them I found it was almost impossible. I took three years of constant hoeing to get rid of all of them. Every week there would be new plants. Even though the plants were only a few inches tall I started finding Monarch Caterpillars on them. Every time I went out to work in the garden I had to look for the caterpillars and move them before I could hoe.