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Tag Archives: Middle Falls on the Pigeon River

While we were visiting Grand Portage State Park we asked Travis about the trail to Middle Falls. The trail had not been cleaned up from the harsh winter and there were trees down and it was muddy in spots but folks had been hiking to the falls.Middle-Falls-Grand-Portage-State-Park-14-5-_2435

We had wanted to make this trip so decided to head up to the falls. There is quite an elevation gain on the way out and back but this was a good thing since we were heading to the Black Hills in a week and thought this would be a good way to get in shape.Middle-Falls-Grand-Portage-State-Park-14-5-_2463

When we reached the falls there was a lot of water coming over the falls. Actually a bit too much to get any really good photos of the falls itself. while we were looking at the falls we noticed some folks taking pictures from the Canadian side of the river. We then notice a road which goes right past the falls. We will leave that for another trip.Middle-Falls-Grand-Portage-State-Park-14-5-_2471

More photos from Grand Portage State Park can be found on my website.