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Mount Bohemia is one of the best venues for extreme skiing in the Midwest. It averages over 270 inches of snow each season and has some of the best powder in the world. Our son was a student at Michigan Tech and used to love to ski here. It has been several years since our last visit and things have changed. More runs, more yurts and a bar and pool have been added. We arrived early in the morning after watching the sled dog race at Eagle Harbor.  The place was already packed with skiers.

As I mentioned they added a new spa area.

There are so many runs that it is difficult to capture how many skiers were on the mountain. Some of the back runs end up along a road at the base of the mountain. As we drove along the road skiers would pop out of the woods. Several buses drive the road picking up skiers and returning them to the lift area.

This fellow was definitely the best dressed skier we saw on the mountain.

This skier was the youngest we saw. I was surprised to see someone so young skiing at Mount Bohemia.


In the morning we decided to drive from Ironwood to Watersmeet on Highway 2. We had seen some nice colors the day before but the weather was bad so we didn’t stop for any photos. We soon found that Highway 2 was too busy to stop for photos. Highway 28 was closed so there was more traffic than normal. My wife suggested we start taking some of the forest roads off of highway 2. This turned out to be a great idea. We found some nice color and only encountered a few cars.


After getting a bite to eat we drove out to Bonanza Falls to photograph at sunset. As I had mentioned in earlier blogs there was a lot of water flowing in the rivers. Bonanza Falls also had more water than normal. Generally I like less as opposed to more water flowing because it provides more opportunities for intimate shots of the waterfalls.






One of the most popular photographic locations at Bond Falls is called the Z. It provides an opportunity to capture falls reflections and an waterfall all in the same photo.




While the main attractions at Bond Falls are the waterfalls there are also opportunities to photograph fall color reflections.





After spending some time at Au Train Falls we drove down through Au Train to Au Train Beach on Lake Superior. I managed to take a few shots while my wife was trying to find the Packer game on the radio.




The shoreline at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore has change dramatically in the last few years. One of our favorite hikes is along the shoreline from Hurricane River to Au Sable Lighthouse. In the past this has largely been a nice walk along a wide sand beach as seen in this 20012 photo.


We noticed a change where the Hurricane River enters Lake Superior. In past years it flowed directly into the Lake. Now it makes a sharp right with a sandbar between the River and the Lake. It did provide an opportunity for some nice rock shots


We were really surprised this year when we found the sand beach had disappeared. In some cases the water was next to the cliffs and in other cases there was a narrow rock beach. It did provide for some nice shots of the rocks in the water.



It is no longer possible to take a leisurely stroll along the beach. We had to walk most of the way on along a road at the top of the cliffs. The lake levels are up several feet putting the beautiful sand beaches mostly underwater or replaced by rock beaches. Many of the shipwrecks that were barely sticking up along the shoreline have been pushed up onto the rocky shore. The first shot was taken in 2012 and the second shot this year.



A shot of the lighthouse at the end of the trail.



This concludes my three blog coverage of Bond falls. Winter waterfall photography often lends itself to black and white photography because of the stark colors.





More photos from the trip can be found on my website.

Waterfalls offer a great opportunity to take some intimate close-up photos. Folks generally feel they need to take the wide angle shots showing the full waterfall but intimate photos can also be quite spectacular.



More photos from the trip can be found on my website.

As those of you who follow this blog know, one of my favorite winter destinations is Bond Falls in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. a couple of weeks ago my wife and I were in Ironwood, Michigan cross country skiing. The following morning we decided to drive over to Bond Falls. This was after a very cold spell. The highway department had plowed the roads but they were snow packed and slippery. It was like driving on a washboard.


When we arrived at Bond Falls we knew it was going to be something special. The cold weather had created a lot of ice and there had been a fresh snowfall. We were the first visitors since the snowfall.


This is a view of the steps that go from the top of the falls to the bottom. In the winter it is impossible to navigate the steps because of the ice. Fortunately we are always prepared and had our ice cleats along.


As we walked along the west side of the middle branch of the Ontonagon River the views just kept getting more spectacular.


We returned to the car by walking along the east side of the river. The trail is not as good on this side and the views are not as good but it was still beautiful.


More photos from the trip can be found on my website.