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A friend of mine is a quilter and has used several of my bird photos as an inspiration for her quilting. She recently displayed the Northern Cardinal Quilt at a local quilt show. I have to say that it is much better than the original photo.

Several years ago she did a Sandhill Crane quilt.

At one of the monthly gatherings of retired librarians a friend of mine, Mary Richards, mentioned that she was working on a quilt based on one of my photographs. About a month ago we had lunch with her and she brought the quilt along to show us. It was really beautiful and far outdid the original photograph. I thought it was worth sharing with my blog followers. The photograph of the quilt was taken by Bill Wikrent another friend from Stout.


This is the original photo that Mary used for her inspiration. It was taken at Crex Meadows in the spring. Early in the morning it is common to find Sandhill Cranes walking in the road.