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Tag Archives: Laughing Whitefish Falls

Just about every fall my wife and I travel to the U.P. of Michigan to seek out the beautiful fall colors. Here are some of my favorite locations. More fall photos from the U.P. can be found on my website.

Au Train Falls

Black River Harbor

Bonanza Falls

Bond Falls

Copper Peak International Ski Flying Hill

Hiawatha National Forest

Laughing Whitefish Falls

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park

Seney National Wildlife Refuge

After visiting Au Train Falls we moved on to Laughing Whitefish Falls. Having visited most of these waterfalls numerous times it’s sometimes difficult to get a different perspective but I did manage a few different photos this trip.

The drive into the falls was beautiful with most of the leaves at near peak color. The road was also in the best shape I’ve ever seen it. Those of you who have driven into Laughing Whitefish Falls know the potholes in the road can be quite large but this year there wasn’t a pothole to be found.Laughing-Whitefish-Falls-14-10-_1631

When we reached the falls we found more water in the falls than we have ever seen in the past. This allowed for some different photographs. This photo was taken at the top of the falls.Laughing-Whitefish-Falls-14-10-_1645
This photo was taken from the boardwalk to the bottom of the falls. As you can see there was quite a bit of water flowing over the falls because it had been raining quite a bit the last few weeks.Laughing-Whitefish-Falls-14-10-_1197

This photo was taken from the exact same spot as the previous photo but a much more intimate shot of a rock formation underneath the water. It was converted to black and white.Laughing-Whitefish-Falls-14-10-_1692a