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The Lake Guardian, a great lake environmental research ship, was in Duluth for a Science Friday visit. During the summer the Blue Heron normally docks by the Great Lakes Aquarium and is open to the public. She was joined this week by the Lake Guardian which comes to Duluth periodically.




The Lake Guardian is the largest Great Lakes research ship owned by the EPA. EPA scientists use the ship primarily to gather chemical and biological data from the Great Lakes, as well as data concerning pollutant concentrations in the water, sediment, air, fish and other organisms.


The Lake Guardian is a frequent visitor to Duluth. When it arrives in Duluth it usually docks at the DECC.



We happened to be in Duluth, Minnesota when a Nor’easter came through with gusts up to 50 mph. Unfortunately my wife had gone shopping so I was without a car. I spent the morning watching the waves crash into Park Point Beach. Just as she returned from her shopping trip I noticed the Lake Guardian was going to enter Wisconsin Point so we jumped in the car and drove over to Wisconsin Point to check out the waves and the Lake Guardian.


We reached Wisconsin Point just as the Lake Guardian entered the harbor. The Lake Guardian is the largest research vessel on the Great Lakes. It goes out several times a year to carry out research activities. This was the first opportunity I had to photograph the Lake Guardian. he wind was blowing so hard I had trouble walking down the breakwater. The waves were crashing over the breakwater as the ship entered the harbor.


There were a large number of Ring-billed Gulls on the breakwater trying to stay out of the wind.


More Wisconsin Point photos can be found on my website.