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As an avid outdoor photographer I spend a lot of time out in the woods, swamps and prairies. This also means that I’m frequently out in wet prairies, walking through swampy areas, wading streams or wading in lakes. For the past several years I have been using Northern Knee Boots purchased from Fleet farm. While these are inexpensive they don’t seem to last very long and they are hot to walk in. They typically don’t last more than a year before they spring a leak. Usually I don’t find out about the problem until I’m standing in the middle of a stream and all of a sudden I get wet feet. Fortunately, the last time I was out walking in the yard early in the morning and found I had a wet foot.

 I had been looking for a little better quality of boot and this pushed me over the edge. I made a trip to Gander Mountain to check out the boots they had available and on sale. I have a difficult foot to fit so it was important that I be able to try them on. I found that the Wetland 16″ Muck Boot fit perfectly and was just what I was looking for. I’ve been using them now for about 3 months and so far they are great. They are much more comfortable to walk in, give me another 1 inch in height and they are not nearly as hot as the Northern Knee Boot. They only thing I don’t know is how long they will stand up.

 The big disadvantage is that they five times more costly. However, after walking three miles into Lost Creek Falls a few weeks ago they are definitely worth it.