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After watching the balloon launch in Hudson, Wisconsin we drove over to the Kites on Ice Festival in Buffalo, Minnesota. We have never been to a kite festival so we didn’t know what to expect. There were a few kites that didn’t get off of the ground but folks had a great time getting their picture taken with them. It turned into a beautiful day for flying kites and for the spectators.

More photos from the kite festival can be found on my website.

Some of the kites were a little scary.

By the end of the day there were many kite lines out with multiple kites attached to each one.

Some of the kite flyers had all kinds of kites with them. In order to anchor the larger kites they would drill a hole in the ice, tie the kite to a 2X4 and put the 2X4 into the hole.

There were other activities in addition to the kites. The most popular were the dog sled rides. The line was long but everyone seemed to be having a god time.

For some reason folks like sitting on the ice. It was a little too cold for me.