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Our last day in Amsterdam. This was a community composting bin for food wastes that was near our Airbnb. This impressive apartment building was just down the street as well.


More photos from Amsterdam and Delft can be found on my website.

Our first stop was Hortus Botanicus where we walked around for a couple of hours. The first shot was an insect house. Giving serious thought to making one of these at home. It look like it wouldn’t bee too difficult to make.

After the botanical gardens we decided to walk over to the NEMO Science Museum. On the way we noticed this place that was soon to be available for rent. We saw a number of these places all advertised by the same company.

The tall ship Amsterdam was anchored outside the Maritime Museum.

There were quite a few boats in the canal as we approached the science museum.

It took a while to walk to the top but the views from the top were outstanding. It was a beautiful day to be walking around Amsterdam.

Leaving the science museum we wandered across the Mr. J.J. van der Veldebrug Bridge and past the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

We encountered a Canta LX Micro Car which is designed for handicapper people. They yellow thing in the car seemed to be a steering wheel lock and it took most of the car. A little further down the canal we found the Sea Palace Restaurant.

A large collection of bikes parked near the Central Station.

I noticed this written on the Odebrug Bridge as we crossed.

We ended up walking though an area that sold a lot of pot.


We walked past the Floating Flower Market again. I think this may have been our third visit this trip.

We walked passed The Dam three times. Each time there seemed to be something a little different going on. This was a Falun Gong group they seemed to protest at The Dam almost every day. They are a group of people that is persecuted by the Chinese government including the killing of Falun Gong members for to harvest body parts.

Periodically there were characters dressed in costume and performers in the Dam. However, it wasn’t anything like we see in New York.

We walked over to the Anne Frank House. Unfortunately we were never able to get tickets for the tour. We also walked past Westerkerk which was a short distance from the hotel we stayed in when we first arrived in Amsterdam a week earlier.

By this time it was almost 2:30 in the afternoon and we had to catch a train to Delft in about an hour. We were also getting hungry after going all day. Finding a place to eat is probably the biggest challenge we have when traveling. It seems we can never find the just the right place. We finally ended up at a small coffee shop and had some apple pie and coffee.

We were on the Platform waiting for the 15:34 Train to Delft.

When we arrived in Delft it was a nice evening and we still had a little gas in the tank so we took a walk around town to get oriented. Lots of beautiful small canals. It reminded me a lot of Gouda.

We found this nest of Eurasian Coots in the canal behind the New Church. We checked on them every day when we were in Delft and on the last day the left the nest.

The first Little Free Library was built by Todd Bol in 2009 in Hudson Wisconsin. Hudson is just down the freeway from where we live. Now we find them all over the world.

The Molen de Roos or Windmill of the Rose on the main street in Delft.

The Old Church of Delft.

Main street in Delft. The Central Station is on the right.

An interesting piece of artwork. I’m not sure what is going on in the last photo but they were having fun.

It had been a long day. We started out around 7 a.m. and walked all over Amsterdam, followed by a train trip to Delft. We spent the evening walking around Delft and finally ended our day around 8 p.m.



One of our favorite walks in Oslo was the Akerselva River Walk. There are walking tours of the area but we enjoyed it on our own. The walk is about four miles depending upon how many detours you take. Typically we would take public transportation to Nydalen then walk down to the harbor. On this beautiful warm day many people were our enjoying sunbathing and swimming in the river at Nydalen.

More photos from our time in Oslo can be found on my website.

There were many nice housing developments along the river. Most had play areas for the kids to enjoy.

Mathallen food hall was a nice place to stop for some refreshments and food as we walked along the river.

Wandering around Mathallen we found these interesting dog parking facilities.

Another area along the river that we enjoyed stopping at was Blå. It is an art community and hold a thrift sale every Sunday. Every time we walked through the area we found some new art.

Sometimes the trail didn’t seem to follow the river. During our detours we often found interesting areas. On this weekend they were giving rides on wagons pulled by a team of horses.

Unfortunately graffiti was common along the river walk. I suppose some people view it as art.

This was an insect house build near a restaurant along the river. We encountered these a number of places in Norway.

A famous bridge crossing the river and statue along the river.

In the past the river area was heavily industrialized. This was a museum that told the  story of the mills that developed in the area. Unfortunately it was so hot on the day we visited that we were only able to make a quick tour. Air conditioning has yet to become popular in Norway although we discovered that air conditioners were flying off the shelves during what was a very hot summer.

Of course the river was our main focus. Lots of waterfalls along the river as well as some nice reflections.

We were able to follow the river from Nydalen to Grønland where the river went underground.

It went under the central station before appearing again near the Munch Museum and the Oslo Opera House. It was a popular spot to float down the river.

We found that a popular variation of our walk was to take public transportation to Our Saviors Cemetery then walk over to Old Aker Church. From there we walked to Telthusbakken before connecting with the Akerselva River Walk.

Our Saviors Cemetery

Old Aker Church




Day 11 was our last full day in Oslo. Once again we were up early and walked down to the harbor area to catch a bus out to Bygdoy where some of Oslo’s most popular Museums are located. We had to wait for about 15 minutes for a bus which was the longest we waited for public transportation in Oslo. There looked to be an issue from the direction the bus was coming from because several police cars went by.


I spent the time photographing flowers by the bus stop. It had been raining and the flowers were covered with water droplets. I also couldn’t resist photographing the Pigeon that was posing for me.

When we got to Bygdoy we ended up getting off at the wrong stop. Rather than waiting for the next bus we decided to walk to The Fram Museum. I took a few photos as we walked through a residential district. The construction site was interesting because everything is built on rock the same problem we have in Duluth, Minnesota.

At the Fram Museum we toured the125 foot ship Fram that took Amundsen and Nansen into the Arctic and Antarctic.

This was a display outside the Museum protesting the pollution of our oceans.

We then stopped at the Kon-Tiki Museum to view the ship. The Kon-Tiki expedition was a 1947 journey by raft across the Pacific Ocean from South America to the Polynesian islands, led by Norwegian explorer and writer Thor Heyerdahl.

We then walked over to the Viking Ship Museum.

It was a beautiful day so we decided to walk to the Norwegian Folk Museum. I was mainly interested in getting some ice cream but the line was too long. This is a This stave church was built in the 13th century in Hallingdal.

There was a reenactment taking place while we were at the Museum. The group was marching through the Museum and firing their guns. While we watched them at the encampment we noticed someone was selling Norwegian waffles with whipped cream and strawberries so we purchased a couple.

We then walked around the old farm houses in the Museum. There were a number of artisans at work around the Museum.

I just had to take a photo of these two little kids looking in the door of one of the buildings.

While we were watching some woodcarvers we noticed another couple doing the same. Turns out we met them in Stockholm at the train station. They had just arrived from Finland and were on their way to northern Norway. They also happened to be from a small down just east of Duluth.

We decided rather than take the bus back to the harbor we would walk back down to the docks through a residential district and take a water taxi back. We weren’t sure our pass would work but it did.  It was a beautiful day and a weekend so there was a lot of activity in the harbor.

When we arrived back at the harbor docks we encountered this street artist working for tips. I still recall our visit to the same area in 1999 when our son was little. He got excited to find money on the sidewalk in front of what he thought was a statue. He was a little disappointed that he couldn’t  pick up the money.

We walked over to Karl Johan’s gate where I finally got my soft is.

We took the train to the Munch Museum. Unfortunately “The scream” was not in the Museum. The trees were in full bloom.

We then took a train to the main station and then take a metro out to Nydalen in the early evening. Unfortunately we made our only mistake using public transportation. We somehow missed a connection and found ourselves heading for the outskirts of Oslo. When we discovered or error we got off and picked up another train. We finally found our way to Nydalen.

Our goal was to walk along the Akers River which would take us back to our Airbnb. On the way we found this strange structure. It was an insect house. First one we had ever seen since most people don’t want insects around.

We also noticed a lot of graffiti along the river. I’m really not a fan but it seems to be common in the larger cities.

There were some waterfalls and children’s playgrounds along the river walk.

It was late in the day and the local restaurants along the river were starting to get busy and it was time for us to call it a day.