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It was June 2nd and we were in the last week of our trip. We didn’t have any major stops on our agenda for the day. Our destination for the day was Stykkisholmur, Iceland where we had another airbnb waiting for us. We would retrace our route from Patreksfjörður on highway 62 until we connected back up with Highway 60.

Harbor Stykkisholmur Iceland

Harbor Stykkisholmur Iceland

We had breakfast at the airbnb. there was no cooking facilities but we purchased some rolls at a local bakery and of course had tea and Skyr. Skyr was our go to food on the trip. It was convenient because in Iceland each package comes with a spoon.

This photo illustrates two things. First, it shows how many people drive in Iceland. The roads are narrow and have no shoulders. So it is common to drive down the middle of the road and pull to the right when meeting a car or when a car wants to pass. Second, this is one of the few vehicles that we passed on our three week visit to Iceland. Not to say that my wife is a bad driver but she is known for being slow. At home none of the kids on the soccer team wanted to ride with us because she drove the speed limit. Things didn’t change in Iceland. It always took us 1.5 to 2 times as long to get someplace as the Google Maps indicated. We did pass this RV, a tractor and one car. As it turned out the car was making a right hand turn so it had slowed down.


Sheep are an ever present road hazard when driving in Iceland. These were intent on crossing the single lane bridge, also common in Iceland, before we did. It would be nice if they stayed in the fields but even where there were fences they managed to get out quite frequently. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.



The ever present no crapping sign. According to the Icelandic Monitor this problem was much worse in 2015. I’m not sure what happened but it isn’t because they put up more rest rooms.


So far it had been a rather dull trip. It was cloudy and foggy most of the day making for some dull scenery. As we neared Hvammsfjordur the sun started to peek out a bit. This was a view from a little pull off along the road where some people were camping.



Views from-Highway-60-Iceland-16-6-_5050

Just a short drive down the road near the head of Hvammsfjordur we encountered a strange phenomenon. The clouds were pouring over the mountains and down the side. It reminded us of a waterfall.



It looked like the sun might make a full return as we turned off of highway 60 and caught highway 54 toward Stykkisholmur.



When we arrived in Stykkisholmur we decided the town was small enough that we could walk down to the harbor area. There were quite a few interesting places to visit in town but it was late and they were closed. Once we reached the harbor we climbed a hill and had some great views of the harbor and city.




When we walked back down to the docks a fishing boat had just come in and they were unloading their catch of Lumpfish. Most of them are sold to china for caviar.


It was getting to be dinner time and we noticed a food stand on the docks that was still open. We decided to try the fish and chips. It was very good although a little messy to eat.



After dinner it was time to call it a nigh so we headed back to our airbnb for the night.

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