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After our visit to the Nelson’s Ice Sculptures we drove over to Hudson, Wisconsin to check on the Trumpeter Swans. There were quite a few of them around on a very cold day. Unfortunately what had been a beautiful day had turned overcast so I wasn’t able to photograph the birds at sunset.


When I first arrived there were some swans that didn’t seem to be getting along. The ducks were unconcerned.



I made a second visit to watch the Trumpeter Swans along the Saint Croix River in Hudson, Wisconsin. On the first visit the weather was relatively warm and the swans and other birds were really active. There were so many of them it the water that it was difficult to get photos of single birds.Trumpeter-Swans-Hudson-Wisconsin-15-1-_0648

On this visit it was well below zero and I was the only one dumb enough to stand out along the river to photograph birds. My wife stayed in the car and said a number of cars came by and people either watched from their car or jumped out to take a quick photo.


Because it was so cold the birds were not very active. The smaller number of birds in the water made it much easier to photograph individual birds or smaller groups of birds. Most of the swans, geese and ducks were on shore trying to keep warm. In all I counted in excess of 250 Trumpeter Swans in an area about half the size of a football field.


There were also a number of ducks around. This one just came in from the water.Mallard-Duck-15-1-_0653

Right behind the duck this Trumpeter Swan walked onto the ice to take a nap.


It looks like these two Trumpeter Swans are harassing the duck but they were just interacting and the duck seemed undisturbed.


After swimming around for about an hour this swan returned to the ice to take a nap in the cold weather.


In the winter Trumpeter Swans gather in Hudson, Wisconsin looking for open water. This year the winter was particularly cold and the amount of open water was only about the third of a football field in area. There were over one hundred swans gathered in this small area. More photos of the Hudson, Wisconsin Trumpeter Swans can be found on my website.Trumpeter-Swan-Hudson-Wisconsin-14-2-_1125




This week we stopped in Hudson, Wisconsin to watch the Trumpeter Swans on the St. Croix River. Their little patch of open water is getting smaller and smaller as the cold weather continues.Trumpeter-Swans-14-2-_1179

I noticed the various ways that the swans transitioned from land to the water. Some of them walked over to the shore, took a drink and then slipped into the water. Others ran for a ways to get into the air before landing in the water.Trumpeter-Swan14-2-_1130

It is always exciting when some swans fly in from another location. As soon as they start their decent into the open water the swans already in the pond start honking and making a lot of noise.Trumpeter-Swans-14-2-_1164

I was probably only 10 feet from some swans gathered along the shore when they started honking and splashing. I’m not sure what set them off but I had my long lens on and was really too close to get a great shot of the commotion.Trumpeter-Swans-14-2-_1172

There seemed to be more Canada Geese in the area than on our last visit. As soon as the spring melt occurs they will all be heading for their summer homes.

More swan photos can be found on my website.

Liberty Belle

Last weekend we drove over to Hudson, Wisconsin to the Hudson Hot Air Affair. There were about 40 hot air balloons at the event. We didn’t go to the morning event which was the mass balloon ascension . As it turns out there was too much wind in the morning so the mass balloon ascension  took place in the afternoon. The weather was great and it made for a great day. We also stayed for the evening events which included the moon glow and field of fire.

Additional photos of the day can be seen at my website.

Balloon Patterns


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