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A few weeks ago we made a spontaneous decision to take a vacation to the desert southwest. On our first day we made it well into Nebraska. As we approached our destination the Sandhill Cranes were gathering for there evening flight to the Platte River. The sky was filled with thousands of them. The next day we drove on to Denver where we decided to hold up for a day because of a snowstorm in the mountains west of Denver. It also gave us a chance to visit with a cousin we had not see in 30 years. The following morning we were up early to beat the rush of skiers heading for the mountains. There were no problems and the roads were good.

We left I-70 and picked up Utah 128 which follows the Colorado River into Moab, Utah which was our fist destination. It was a beautiful drive on a beautiful day.

There were some very interesting clouds in the sky. I suspect they were the result of con trails but I’m not sure.