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My wife and I spend a few hours this fall hiking along the Hemlock Creek Segment of the Ice Age Trail. We were returning from a multiday fall leaf tour and just happened to drive by the area and decided to stop and take a break from the long car trip. The trail runs along Hemlock Creek for 1.5 miles before crossing a bridge and returning to the parking lot. The hike offers a variety of scenery and is a great hike to take with young kids.




The past couple of weeks my wife and I took the opportunity to hike several sections of the Ice Age Trail. The weekend weather has been great with nice temperatures and lots of sun. It provided the last chance to get into the woods before deer hunting season starts. Both segments of the trail are open to deer hunting.

The first weekend we hiked the 4.5 mile loop on the Chippewa Moraine Segment north of Bloomer, Wisconsin. It is always a great place to visit because they have an outstanding visitors center. The same ranger is normally on duty on the weekends and he is very helpful and friendly. The visitors center has lots of activities for kids and lots of things to see. This time the highlight was a soft back turtle that had turned its back up into a strange configuration with the edges of the shell pointed toward the sun lamp in the tank. Neither the ranger or I had ever seen anything like it.

The following weekend we were headed to Duluth so we took the opportunity to stop and hike on the Hemlock Creek Segment east of Rice Lake. This is a three mile loop that starts at Murphy Flowage and follows hemlock creek before crossing the creek on a footbridge and returning to the parking lot. The highlight of this segment was a large beaver dam across Hemlock Creek. It had not been there earlier in the summer so this was a large summer construction project. We could see where the beavers had been cutting trees and brush in the area. They also had a large reserve of branches stored in the pond in back of the dam. It looked like they planned to use them to repair the dam. The beaver lodge itself was next to the shore and was quite large.