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We arrived in Bergen via the Norway in a Nutshell tour from Oslo. It was late in the evening and raining a bit so we headed for our hotel and grabbed a bite to eat before calling it a day. We were only going to be in Bergen for a day so we new it would likely be a long one. Early in the morning we walked down toward the harbor. On the way we noticed a postman delivering mail using this interesting cart.

More photos from our day in Bergen can be found on my website.

We passed the McDonalds Restaurant. Much different from what we see in the states.Our immediate goal was to catch the Funicular to Fløyen. We arrived early and were able to catch the second car to Fløyen.

We we reached the top there were some spectacular views of Bergen and the Fjord. The fog was rolling in and out which made it even more spectacular. Later in the morning the fog was mostly gone.

There were some nice hiking trails in Fløyen but we didn’t have time to take them. We did walk through an area that was set up for kids.

They even had some goats which were a popular attraction.

By the time we rode the Funicular back down the line to take it to the top was very long and stretched for several blocks. We concluded that the cruise ships had disgorged their passengers. We felt very lucky that we had arrived early.

We walked down to the fish market from the Funicular. We were a bit disappointed in the fish market. When we were in Bergen 20 years ago they were selling fish off of the boats. On the positive side the fish market is much better than Oslo’s.

We continued walking along the harbor. There were some great shots as we walked along the harbor.

We noticed one sailing ship docked in the harbor. We assumed that it was on its way to Stavanger and the Tall Ships Race. This happened to be a German ship and it looked like it was taking on passengers for the next stage of their voyage. As we were watching a second sailing ship came into the harbor.

We ended up down at the cruise ship docks. There were a couple of cruise ships in the docks but it looked like most of the passengers had disembarked for the morning.

We continued on to Bergenhus Fortress. It is one of the best preserved fortresses in Norway.

After finishing with the Fortress we walked back down to Bryggen. Bryggen is a series of Hanseatic commercial buildings lining the eastern side of the Vågen harbor  It is one of North Europe’s oldest port cities on the west coast of Norway which was established as a center for trade by the 12th century. In 1350 the Hanseatic League established a “Hanseatic Office” in Bergen. They gradually acquired ownership of Bryggen and controlled the trade in stockfish from Northern Norway through privileges granted by the Crown. The Hanseatic League established a total of four overseas Hanseatic Offices, Bryggen being the only one preserved today. Bryggen has been on the UNESCO list for World Cultural Heritage sites since 1979.

We were looking for a place to have dinner in Bryggen but found that it was a bit too expensive for our taste. After looking around we wandered to another part of town where we found some quaint side streets and wooden houses.

I thought the add on the side of this plumbers truck was interesting.

Not too happy about the graffiti that we found on some of the back streets. Some of the true street art was more impressive.

We walked over to Lille Lungegårdsvannet Park and found some Pigeons to photograph. We had walked past the park when we arrived but it was getting dark and raining so we hadn’t gotten a great view of it.

Some young people were cleaning the slime out of the water. It looked like a big project.

As we walked along the lake there were some great views of the mountains around Bergen.

We found this beautiful Music Pavilion near the lake. The flowers were amazing.

We noticed St. John’s Church at the top of the hill so we walked up to see if it was open. It was open so we went inside to look around. We also discovered that there was an organ concert scheduled for the evening so we decided to come back for the concert.

We were still looking for some place to eat dinner and had a good recommendation for a place to eat near the University but had a very hard time finding it. When we did we discovered it was closed because the University was closed.

There were some beautiful botanical gardens at the University and some beautiful homes along the adjoining streets.

We walked through a residential area near the University. Some beautiful homes and a nice park.


We headed back down town. In the plaza there was an growing memorial to those killed during the 2011 Mass Murder on the island of Utøya. It was the the anniversary of the event.

We had stopped at Ole Bull Fountain to watch the kids playing. Some had climbed onto the rock formation they were afraid to come down. We noticed Pizza place near the fountain and decided to have dinner.

After dinner headed back toward the harbor passing the Sailor’s Monument on the way.

First stop was the fish market. Not sure why since we had already been through it several times already.

It was getting toward evening and there was a band playing at Bryggen and people were gathering for dinner.

My wife had been looking for some traditional Norwegian stew and had not been able to find any. Turned out to be on the menu of this food truck. Unfortunately we had just eaten.

We then walked along the harbor which was quite busy this time of the evening.

We did see a number of bicycle rental places throughout Bergen.

Our last stop of the day was St. John’s Church where we took in an evening organ concert. It was quite good but we were getting tired after another 14 hour day.