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After the visiting the Green Bay Botanical Garden we headed back to Lambeau Field where we had tickets for the Packers Heritage Trolley Tour. We were lucky to get the last two tickets available.

More Packer photos can be found on my website.

It was the last tour of the day so we were able to stop at a few more places because there was not as much traffic. This is a shot of Curly Lambeau’s Birthplace Home.

This is a shot of the Indian Packing & Acme Packing Plants where it all started and where their first practice field was located.

The Riverside Ballroom where many important Packer functions where held.

City Stadium

The Packer dressing room at City Stadium. The visitors had to dress in their hotel in downtown Green Bay.

Packers Heritage Trail Plaza with a view of important packer locations in the background.

Clarke Hinkle

Johnny Blood

George Whitney Calhoun

Paul Hornung

Packers Band Member

Bart Star StatueAfter the tour we returned to Lambeau Field and took a few more photos. The first statue is Vince Lombardi and the second is Earl Curly Lambeau founder of the Green Bay Packers. The last photo is of the Lambeau Field clock which is set to Lombardi time which is 15 minutes fast.

I also took a few photos of the party houses located across the street from Lambeau Field. I would imagine things get a little wild on game day.


After the shareholders meeting we drove over to the Green Bay Botanical Gardens. We has stopped the previous evening but discovered that the butterfly house was closed so we decided to come back the next day. We love butterflies and so we were some of the older kids enjoying the butterfly house.

More photos from the Botanical Garden can be found on my website.

There were also quite a few flowers blooming throughout the gardens.

It was a really warm and humid day out. We toured the vegetable garden and got some ideas for our home harden.

We then headed back to Lambeau Field where we were scheduled to take the Packers Heritage Trail Trolley Tour.