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Tag Archives: Great Sand Dunes National Park

Following our visit to Mesa Verde we were undecided on our next destination. We had hoped to drive over to Durango, Colorado then through the mountains to Denver. However, there was a big snowstorm forecast for the mountains. We thought about heading south to Chaco Culture National Historic Park but I happened to run across a road report and decided it wasn’t something we wanted to do in a van. We finally decided to drive over to the Great Sand Dunes National Park then drive up the front range to avoid the snow.

I had visited the Park several times in the past but at a little later in the spring. I thought we would have to wade through water to get to the sand dunes and I was very surprised to find there was no water in the river. Apparently there was almost no snow pack this past winter resulting in a dry river bed.

The wind was blowing and there was a family flying a kite.

Sandboarding is apparently a popular sport at the Park. When I visited years ago I hiked to the top of the sand dunes and found a snowborder at the top trying to board down the dunes. He wasn’t having much success.

We didn’t have enough time for a long hike so we took some photos and then headed out.

The plan was to drive to Pueblo, Colorado for the night but we were making good time so we decided to continue on to Colorado Springs where we wanted to visit the Garden of the Gods. We started to question our decision when it started snowing soon after we left Pueblo. Fortunately it didn’t accumulate and turned into rain.