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Our original plan was to stay in Jackson Hole for several days but when we arrived we discovered that Jackson Hole was not the small town we remembered where you could park in the town square without any problem. It has turned into another playground for the rich and famous. In talking with folks we discovered that most of the people who work in Jackson can’t afford to live in Jackson. We also discovered that the fall colors were early this year and most of the leaves had already fallen on the eastern slope. As we drove through the park we continued to encounter snow although it was not sticking to the ground. We could also see that most of the aspen leaves had fallen.Teton-National-Park-14-10-_0944

Returning to Jackson in the evening we decided to cut our stay short and head back to Yellowstone National Park the next morning.Teton-National-Park-14-10-_0600

In the morning we were up early so we could get out into the park while there was some nice light. We briefly stopped at Mormon Row but the light was not very good.Mormon-Row-14-10-_0826

As we passed Cunningham Cabin the sun came out. We spent quite a bit of time at the Cunningham Cabin photographing it from various angles and changing light conditions. As has been the case throughout our Jackson Hole visit there were other photographers vying the best spots.Cunningham-Ranch-Cabin-14-10-_0073

What a beautiful place to live. On this morning there was a heavy frost on the fence and ground.Cunningham-Ranch-14-10-_0063

The highlight of the visit was when a moose ran along the fence line. This was the only moose we saw on our trip.Moose-14-10-_0126

We drove up the road looking for a little color and stopped at the gate to the Moose Head Ranch to take a few photographs.Moose-Head-Ranch-14-10-_0171

The next stop was the famous Oxbow Bend on the Snake River. Unfortunately the aspen leaves had fallen but there was still a little color in the brush.Oxbow-Bend-14-10-_0209

We stopped several other locations where we could find a little color along the road.Grand-Teatons-14-10-_0257

More photos from the Tetons can be found on my website.