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Last Tuesday I noticed a piece on the news about ice boat racing on Lake Pepin in Lake City, Minnesota. I’ve always wanted to see some ice boats in action but never have had the opportunity. I checked on the internet and found that the 2013 Gold Cup World Ice Boating Championships were being held all week.

The next morning I called to see if they were racing. The Visitors Center didn’t know but suggested I call the hotel where many of them were staying. The hotel didn’t know for sure but the racers had left earlier in the morning and hadn’t returned so they thought they were racing.

It was snowing a bit out so I checked the weather to see what it was doing in Lake City. It looked like show showers were moving through but they looked like they would be gone by the time I reached Lake City.  I decided it was a go. Things were fine until south of Durand, Wisconsin where the 20 mp winds were whipping the fresh snow across the road in the open areas. The further south I drove the heaver the snow became. I finally decided to turn around and return home because the roads were getting bad.

The next morning I checked to see if they would be racing but there was no word. Apparently the racers were evaluating several different ice sheets. I decided to take a chance and once again headed for Lake City. Did I mention that the sun was out, with 20 mp winds again and the wind chill was -35.

2013-Gold-Cup-World-ice-Boating-Championships-13-1-_2364When I reached the south end of Lake City I saw quite a few sleds out on the ice and a few people milling around. I should have stopped but I drove to the north side of Lake City where they were evaluating the new ice sheet. There were only a few cars at this location and no ice boats. I headed back through Lake city only to find that most of the boats were sailing north on the lake. Most of the boats were gone before I was able to stop and take a few pictures. I asked the racers what was happening. They said this was a moving day and that all of the boats were moving to the north ice sheet. Most of the boats were sailing up to the new ice sheet. The few remaining boats were being dismantled and loaded into trailers so they could be moved.

2013-Gold-Cup-World-ice-Boating-Championships-13-1-_2366I got back in the car and headed back through Lake city to the north ice sheet. Halfway there I noticed about 15 boats parked by the hotel where most of the boaters were staying. I parked by the hotel and walked back to the lake only to find that I had once again missed them. I took a few shots as the last of the boats headed out. I headed back to the car hopping to reach the north ice sheet before the racers.

2013-Gold-Cup-World-ice-Boating-Championships-13-1-_2379I drove out to the north ice sheet and photographed a few of the boats out on the ice. Soon the group that had sailed, from the south ice sheet, started arriving. It was bitterly cold out and the ground and parking lot were covered with Ice. I decided to put on my ice cleats before walking around to get some more photos. I was able to photograph some of the boats as they sailed in.

2013-Gold-Cup-World-ice-Boating-Championships-13-1-_2382As I walked around I encountered racers from Sweden, Connecticut and a number of Midwestern states. It was probably good they were not racing. With the strong winds and blowing snow I could barely see the boats out on the ice and it was really cold out.

2013-Gold-Cup-World-ice-Boating-Championships-13-1-_2395All in all it was a cold but interesting day and my first opportunity to photograph ice boats in action. I would have liked to return for the weekend races but I was already committed to another event.

A few more shots can be found on my website.

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