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After watching the start of the second stage of the CopperDog 150 at Eagle Harbor we drove up to the Fort Wilkins Historic State Park. One of the things I’ve always wanted to photograph in the winter is the sign at the northern end of highway 41 showing how many miles it is to Miami, Florida. Unfortunately they remove the sign in the winter. We drove back down to the Fort and walked around taking some photos.Fort-Wilkins-Historic-State-Park-14-3-_0400

It was a beautiful sunny day but very cold with temperatures around zero. There were a few folks skiing on the trails but it was cold.Fort-Wilkins-Historic-State-Park-14-3-_0415

One of the things we noticed was the difference in snow levels between this year and last year. As you can see last year you could see the cannon. With a little more snow it will be covered up.Fort-Wilkins-Historic-State-Park-13-3-_0932


More photos from Copper Harbor and Fort Wilkins Historic State Park can be found on my website.Fort-Wilkins-Historic-State-Park-14-3-_0405

We have driven by Fort Wilkins many times but for some unknown reason have never stopped at the Fort. This past weekend we was in Copper Harbor for the second stage of the Copperdog150 Sled Dog Race and had some time before the dogs finished the race so we drove out to Fort Wilkins. It was a beautiful day with large white fluffy clouds in the dark blue sky. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to winter at Fort Wilkins. They have already received over 200 inches of snow and this was not a snowy year.