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When visiting the Black River Harbor I frequently encounter foam patterns on the water. On this visit there was a lot of foam on the water and many patterns to photograph.

Following our stop at Tettegouche State Park we moved on up the coast to the Temperance River. We walked the path to Lake Superior and took a few photos of the river as it passed under the foot bridge.


We noticed there were quite a few fishermen working the mouth of the Temperance River. Fishing must have not been that good because no one caught a fish while we were watching.


I’m a sucker for photographing foam patterns. There was quite a bit of foam in the river and lots of opportunities.

After leaving Foster Falls we drove over to Upson to try and find Upson Falls. I had stopped on several earlier occasions but didn’t realize that Upson Falls could not be seen from the small park and campground. After a short walk around a large outcropping of rocks we found Upson falls.

Upson Falls also had some interesting foam patterns to photograph.

When we returned to the car I took out my macro lens to photograph some of the flowers found along the Potato River.

When visiting the Ironwood, Michigan area in the fall I love to drive down to the Black River Harbor to photograph the fall reflections in the water. These were taken on previous visits.



This year it was difficult to photograph the reflections because the fall colors were a couple of weeks behind normal and there was so much water running in the river that it created a lot of foam. As a result I spent most of my time photographing the foam patterns as the foam floated down the river.






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