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We spent the night in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The next morning was dreary but we decided to drive down to Falls Park to get some photos of the waterfalls. It was dark enough that the lights were still on in the park.





I had seen a video of kids doing extreme sports at Falls Park and I love waterfalls so we decided to stop in Sioux Falls to spend some time at Falls Park. It was more spectacular than I imagined. There was a good flow of water over the falls.Falls-Park-14-5-_3746

We spent some time walking around of the falls and had lunch at the Sioux Falls Light and Power Company which overlooks the falls. A nice place for lunch and a nice view of the falls. It’s on the left of this photo.Falls-Park-14-5-_3758

We also walked along the river to downtown to see how Sioux Falls was taking advantage of the river as a gathering place and magnate to draw people to the downtown area. What they have accomplished so fare is very impressive. The still need to remove some of the industrial area along the river.

Queen Bee Turbine House

Queen Bee Turbine House