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This past weekend we were driving through Superior, Wisconsin when we noticed a hockey tournament taking place in front of the Fairlawn Mansion. We decided to drive down to Barkers Island for a closer look. It turns out that the Great Lakes Classic Pond Hockey Tournament was taking Place all weekend.

Great-Lakes-Classic-Pond-Hockey-Tournament-13-1-_2109When we arrived it was just about noon and the youth hockey had just taken place. The tournament was at a noon break and folks were standing around the nice fire they had going. A young kid was running back and forth from the woodpile to the fire with small sticks. Several hours later he was still feeding the fire. We looked around and then decided to run some errands and return for the afternoon games.

Great-Lakes-Classic-Pond-Hockey-Tournament-13-1-_2122 The afternoon games were being played by the big kids and big kids like to drink beer so there was plenty of that flowing. Crazy Frank (orange cap) seemed to be everywhere. I’m not sure if he had a role or was just one of the local characters that show up at events.

Great-Lakes-Classic-Pond-Hockey-Tournament-13-1-_2129 As I mention the Fairlawn Mansion provided a backdrop for the tournament.


Great-Lakes-Classic-Pond-Hockey-Tournament-13-1-_2131The action was fast and furious. The older kids were playing for keeps.


Great-Lakes-Classic-Pond-Hockey-Tournament-13-1-_2158This young skater was practicing on one of the unused rinks when I stopped to take his picture. As soon as he saw me he stopped and posed for a photo.

 More photos from the event can be found on my website.