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Tag Archives: Endion Train Station

It has been a difficult summer for sunrises in Duluth. I just haven’t been around when they have been very good. The other day I walked down to Canal Park hopping for a good sunrise but things didn’t look promising.

On the way down I stopped to take this photo of Endion Station. Its an old railroad station that was moved down to Canal Park and is now a restaurant.


The last couple of years people have been attaching their padlocks to these posts. The collection continues to grow.


I took this photo of the Aerial Lift Bridge during the Blue Hour.


I had given up on an interesting sunrise when I noticed there were a few clouds, that looked interesting, in back of the North Breakwater Light.


This is a shot I’ve not taken before. The back lighting on the north pier and lighthouse was interesting,


I woke up early to photograph the sunrise over Lake Superior from Canal Park. I was a little behind schedule and as I walked along Lake Avenue I noticed the sunrise over the lake with the Endion Train Station in the foreground. I was a subject that I had never taken a photo of before and it offered a nice subject. I shot several exposures and then combined them in Photomatix to create a composite exposure.


I hadn’t gone far when I noticed the clock tower at the head of Canal Park Drive. Another subject I had not photographed before. I also shot several shots at varying exposures and combined them for the final product.


A short walk past the clock tower I noticed the Duluth Lift Bridge all lit up so I stopped to take a photo of it before heading down to the waterfront.