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A while back I posted a blog about the battle for nesting rights on a couple of my bird houses. The Eastern Bluebirds had taken up residence in one of two houses that are about 10 feet apart. When we returned from a short trip the Bluebirds were gone and a pair of House Sparrows was in one house and a pair of Tree Swallows in another house.


In the past several years the house occupied by the House Sparrows has remained vacant until mid June when the Eastern Bluebirds returned to raise their second batch of young.


The pair of Eastern Bluebirds moved to a nest to the east of the house and are currently raising the first batch of fledglings. They have already hatched and should fledge in a few weeks.


Where are they going to go to raise their second batch this year. I suspected they would not return to the house occupied by the sparrows. As luck would have it I was having lunch at a friend’s house and noticed they had a bluebird house in the yard. When I returned home I decided to put up another house Just outside one of my windows. All of my other birdhouses are out in the prairie area the surrounds the yard. Within an hour the male bluebird was sitting on the house and as soon as the female could get off of the nest she came over and checked the house out. Now the male shows up in the morning to perch on the new house and the female joins him in the afternoon. I’m hoping they will use this house for their second batch.



More Eastern Bluebird photos can be found on my website.