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Tag Archives: Duluth Lake Walk

On our second morning in Duluth I was still searching for dawn. I was up early again the next morning but managed to wake everyone else up because I was so tired from the previous day that I didn’t hear the alarm until after it had been ringing for a while.

The morning was quite the adventure. I decided to walk down to the Veterans Memorial park along the Duluth Lake Walk. It was a warm night and, much to my surprise, I encountered some vagrants along the Lake Walk. I haven’t encountered this problem since The Last Place on Earth closed. I made it to the park and started photographing the Canal Park waterfront. I noticed someone else at the other end of the park and thought it was another photographer until he picked up his sleeping bag. I turned around to photograph the sunrise when I noticed there were two people sleeping about three feet away on the rocks. More vagrants. I decided I needed to leave the area so I headed down to Canal Park.Canal-Park-14-8-_0025

I ended up watching the sun rise over the haze on the lake from the North Breakwater Light .North-Breakwater-Light-Sunrise-14-8-_0100