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The Federal Kushiro anchored in Duluth Harbor for several days before coming into the harbor to load grain. I captured it in the background.


Later in the day I noticed it was heading out into the lake to turn and make its way into the harbor.



As with many foreign ships the tug boats come out into the harbor to help them into the docks. In this case two tugs from the Great Lakes Towing Company were assisting the Kushiro.


I spent the better part of an afternoon watching the ships enter and leave the Duluth Harbor. The Cason J Gallaway came in fighting heavy waves.


While wafting for the next ship I spent my time watching the Gulls flying around in front of the Maritime Museum.


When the James R. Barker exited the harbor the waves were almost breaking over the bow


The day after the big waves in Duluth Harbor I walked along the beach photographing the ice that had been driven up onto the beach. The large waves had thrown large chunks of ice on the hotel side of the Lakewalk.





It had been raining in Duluth, Minnesota for almost a week and I had been under the weather so I hadn’t gotten out much. I noticed the Presque Isle was going to be leaving port. It was still raining out but thanks to the sky-walk system in Duluth I was able to walk down to the harbor in comfort. I was able to watch the Presque Isle make the turn for the Lift Bridge while still in the DECC. I walked over to the Lift Bridge to take a few photos of the ship leaving the harbor.


That’s when I heard the roar of the waves hitting the beach. When I reached the beach I noticed that the strong winds had blown ice from the lake into shore and the high waves were coming over the breakwater. When the waves hit the shore the water was way above the breakwater. The water would fall onto the breakwater then chunks’ of ice would fall out of the sky. It was a little dangerous because some of the ice chunks were as big as softballs.

Uncle Harvey’s Mausoleum-

Uncle Harvey’s Mausoleum


While we were watching the Whitefish Bay leave the Duluth Harbor we heard a noise but couldn’t place it. Turned out someone was flying a drone over the harbor entrance. It had a GoPro on board. It was entertaining to watch but I’m not sure it will be appreciated if many people are flying them around.



The ice is forming in Duluth Harbor. These are a few photos of some of the ice as it flowed out of the harbor into Lake Superior.



I noticed that the Whitefish Bay was leaving the terminal so my wife and I drove down to Canal Park to watch it leave Duluth Harbor. When it made the turn we could see that it had quite a bit of ice on the bow and superstructure. It had been a wild week on Lake Superior.Whitefish-Bay-14-11-_0690

We also noticed that the Paul R. Tregurtha was going to be arriving in less than an hour so we waited around and watched it come through the Duluth Ship CanalPaul R. Tregurtha 14-11-_0766

On the previous blog I showed the HHL Congo entering Duluth Harbor. Because the water was so calm I was able to get some nice abstract reflection shots as the Congo sailed through the Duluth Ship Canal.




Just after the sunrise someone asked me if there were any ships coming in or going out anytime soon. I checked my phone and noticed a the ship Three Rivers was coming down the harbor. I ran across the lift bridge so I would have the light at my back. When I reached the other side I noticed the Three Rivers was being assisted by two of the Great Lake Towing Tugs. As it turned out it wasn’t coming out of the harbor it was moving into the docks to load grain.

Three Rivers

Three Rivers

Three Rivers

Three Rivers


During the winter Common Goldeneyes gather in the open water of Duluth Harbor. There were large numbers of them under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge on this cold morning.Common-Goldeneyes-13-12-_0776