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It has been very warm so I’ve not been able to do a lot of hiking on the Red Cedar State Trail. I have gone out a couple of times early in the morning and found the following along the trail.




Blooming Grass


I spent yesterday hiking on the circle trail north of Bloomer, Wisconsin. I started at the visitor’s center and hiked the trail counterclockwise.  It started off as a cold cloudy overcast day but changed to partly cloudy and warm by the end of the day.  

The water levels in the small ponds along the trail were the lowest I’ve seen since I started hiking in the area. Northern Wisconsin is in the midst of a 7 year drought which doesn’t seem to be ending.

Large-flowered Bellwort

My intent was to photograph birds and flowers but as it turned out I saw few birds because of the dense foliage. I hopped to photograph the Blue Herons at their rookery but the overcast and lack of activity didn’t present anyopportunities. The rookery is just north of the parking lot on county M. The prime location for photographing them is at the edge of a small pond but it has become more difficult to photograph them because many of the trees along the edge of the pond have died and blown down in recent years so they are nesting further away.

On the other hand there were lots of flowers out along the trail. Large-flowered Trillium Downy Yellow Violets, Ferns, Early Meadow Rue, Large-flowered Bellwort, Pussytoes, Wild Oats and Star Flowers were common. Between the strong wind and the changing light conditions it was difficult to get many good photographs.


There were also large numbers of dragonflies along the trail.