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When we started our hike around Devils Tower we notice a number of people pushing carts loaded with gear up the trail. We didn’t pay much attention but I thought it was a little strange that climbers would require so much gear.


The climbers had built a platform on the tower. There were a couple of climbers climbing on the wall above the platform. When we returned from our walk I started asking questions. It turned out there was an IMAX film crew up on the tower photographing a couple of climbers.IMAX-Film-Crew-Devils-Tower-National-Monument-14-10-_0789



The rest of the film crew had a 3-D camera setup at the base of the tower. They were trying to film a climb when the evening light was on the tower.IMAX-Film-Crew-Devils-Tower-National-Monument-14-10-_0031

As I recall the film is going to be out next year and will be called Wild America. It will be filmed in our national parks and monuments. More photos from Devils Tower can be found on my website.

We left Mammoth Hot Springs early in the morning. The original intent was to drive out through the Lamar Valley but it had been snowing for several days in the mountains so we decided to drive north to the freeway.

Devils-Tower-National-Monument 14-10-_0004

Our goal was to make it to Rapid City with a stop at Devils Tower National Monument. We finally made it to Devils Tower late in the day.


We drove around a bit then stopped and hiked the trail around the tower.


We noticed there were quite a few blackened trees in the area. Apparently a year ago they held a controlled burn at the Monument.

If you look closely on the left side of the wall you can see some Native American prayer clothes. Devils Tower is a sacred site to Native Americans.


Here sunlight streams through the trees late in the day.Devils-Tower-National-Monument-14-10-_0752

Of course we couldn’t ignore the Prairie Dogs we found as we were leaving the Monument.


More photos from Devils Tower can be found on my website.

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