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This probably falls under the category be careful what you wish for. My wife and I both love the winter so anytime it looks like a storm is coming we start cheering for a real blizzard. Well last weekend we got our wish. Fortunately it occurred on a weekend when we didn’t have to go anyplace. It started late Friday evening and snowed nonstop for almostĀ  twenty-four hours. Not only did we have heavy snow but we had strong winds. After the storm was done the weather services said it was one of the top five of all time.

Dark-eyed Junco

This is a shot of a Black-eyed Junco taken on Saturday morning from my basement window. They were flying from the feeder to a lilac bush next to the house to eat the black sunflower seeds. This was taken before the basement window was completely covered with snow.

When I went out on Sunday morning, to feed the birds, the snow was so deep I had trouble getting to the birdfeeder so I could clean off the feeders and put some extra feeders up.

Country Road

This shot was taken after the storm in the middle of the township road that runs in front of the house. It looks like a couple of trucks made a one lane track through the snow. It wasn’t until late Sunday night that the township snowplow made a single pass on the road. I had to put on my snowshoes to make it out to the road to take these photos.


The last shot is of my woodpile which I worked so hard on. Fortunately, I had gone out and brought wood into the garage on Friday afternoon before the storm hit. It now looks like it will be quite a while before I can get to the woodpile and when I do it looks like a lot of shoveling will be in order.

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