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After leaving the Toadstool we drove back toward Page and caught the Cottonwood Canyon road which would take us to Lower Hackberry Canyon. I had also been on this trail a number of years ago but had long since forgotten the name of the canyon. The road on the first visit was like a washboard and I thought I would shake my car apart. I had also forgotten that the best way to hike this trail is in sandals. If you can walk in the water it is just a matter of walking up the stream. On the other hand if you are wearing your hiking boots you will spend a lot of time looking for places to cross the stream since it meanders through the canyon. We both felt this was the best hike of the trip and I would highly recommend it particularly if you have younger kids along. They will have a blast splashing through the water on a hot day.

More photos from Lower Hackberry Canyon can be found on my website.

It seems you can’t avoid nut cases even in the middle of nowhere. Some jerk was driving these cattle along the road and refused to slow down and wait for them to leave the road.

The canyon is way off in the distance in this photo. There were some beautiful bushes blooming along the road.

There were some beautiful bushes blooming along the road.


The road to the Canyon was really if fairly good shape. There were only a few places where it was like a washboard. The ranger had mentioned that it had rained about a week earlier and she hadn’t been down the road since. It appears that some people were in the canyon when it rained and it also looked like they had a difficult time getting out. There were a number of places where the road was deeply rutted.