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These are the critters I photographed around the farm this week. This White-tailed Deer doe has been hanging around in the Prairie in the morning and evening. We suspect she has a faun around but haven’t see it. We did see a doe and faun along the road but not sure it was the same one. They ran along the edged of the road in front of the car before finally heading off into the woods.

We have had a Racoon hanging around under the bird feeder. Late in the day I was photographing a rabbit when I noticed movement out in the yard and a Racoon was running toward the house. I later caught it under the bird feeder. The next evening my wife caught it looking in the screen door on the back porch. It likes to do it’s business on our back porch.

This rabbit was under the bird feeder when I first saw it.


Those who follow my blog have see lots of photos of birds at my feeders but they aren’t the only things that I find at my feeders.

The ones I would just as soon not see are the bears that come around every few years. They usually turn up in the spring just after emerging from hibernation. Unfortunately I don’t have any bear shots but I have watched one sit out under the bird feeder and tip up the feeder and drain the seeds into his mouth.

My bird feeders are probably fifty yards from the nearest trees so I don’t have squirrels very often but they do show up occasionally. I watched this one for several hours trying to figure out how to get to my feeder. He eventually succeeded so I had to remove some pine branches I had placed at the base of the feeder for shelter for the birds. Once I did that he didn’t come around again.

Grey Squirrel

On one occasion, late in the day, I noticed movement by the feeder and looked out to find Red the fox under the feeder. It had been very cold for a few days and he looked the worse for wear even though he looks good on this shot. He was probably looking for rabbits who is a frequent visitor to the feeder. Rabbits usually turn up in the evening after dark but this shot was taken one day whenit spent the day under a porch near the feeder.

Red Fox



As spring approachesĀ  I’m likely to see Opossums under the feeder.


Just a few of the characters that have been at my bird feeders the past few weeks.

White-breasted Nuthatch

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

House Finch

The Eastern Phoebe is rarely seen at the feeder and this is the first time I’ve seen a House Wren at the feeder.

Eastern Phoebe

House Wren

I occasionally have rabbits at the feeder and for a week I had a family of Raccoons visit the feeder every night.

Cottontail Rabbit

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